3 zodiac signs that are luckier in love on September 19, 2022

Love doesn’t always come with romance, in fact sometimes there is such a lack of romance that we might even wonder what love really is when it takes place between two people who call themselves partners.

And then we have days like this, which seem to bring it all back. Today, we are in love, and we have the Moon sextile Venus to thank for this overall good feeling.

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During the Moon sextile Venus, we’re not as interested in the long term, the plans, the ‘eventually we’ll do this’ kind of thing.

This transit introduces us to the idea of ​​spontaneity and appreciation; For the first time in a long time, many couples will be truly satisfied with everything in their love life, with no complaints and no drama to entertain.

Today is for love, quick decisions and living in the moment.

On September 19, we feel the last of our influence from the Sun in Virgo as it helps us take stock of what we have while being fully open and ready for what might come. We are not thinking too much about things today, but we are aware of what is coming.

Today we will see that the most important place we can be is right next to our loved one, loving life, without bringing up the issues that worry us and simply getting along with ourselves. Today is the kind of day we should cherish. The lawsuits are over!

The three zodiac signs that are the luckiest in love on September 19, 2022 are:

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

You have been longing for the simplicity of a day like today and you will be able to spend it with the person you love the most: your romantic partner.

While things may not be too over the top or super expressive when it comes to love, that’s okay; You two know each other so well, that even in your silence you know that words are not necessary, it’s all about the good feeling you have for each other and you don’t need gifts or sweet words to make yourself known.

Today it is about ‘feeling it’, rather than showing it or receiving it. Today allows you and your loved one to draw on all the work you’ve done before in this relationship, you’ve built your own little empire, and it feels good.

You and your partner go back and forth without a hitch today, which means that whatever you do, it’s like a joyous and peaceful dance. You enjoy being with your person today, as they love being with you. Nothing more is needed, really.

2. Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

Today gives you the opportunity to feel like a child again when you are with your partner, and that feels so much fun. For you, feeling like a kid probably means going to a concert and having fun, or doing something you used to do with a lot more energy. The Moon sextile Venus has a way of rousing energy and making it feel very positive, and this is how you do it. and your partner will be receiving this transit.

You want to get involved in something fun, and you will have no problem getting your partner involved. The really good thing about this day is that you are not fighting for the Moon, you are just having a good time with your partner, and that is totally doable on this day.

When you ask for something simple, the universe conspires to bring you that kind of simplicity, and in your case, Gemini, this blessing comes in the form of compatibility and fun times with the person you love.

3. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

You can be a very complex person, and the person who loves you knows that you are not always ‘there for them’ because you really choose yourself over them.

That may sound selfish, but you’ve realized that if you’re not happy ‘just the way it is’ then you could never be good for someone else, so in a way you’ve found the best match imaginable just like them. support you in ‘being you’.

Today, during the Moon sextile Venus, you will have one of those with your loved one that can only be described as deeply personal and perfectly tailored to your tastes.

This could mean that you and your romantic partner can spend time alone, quietly going about your business and loving every second of your time together.

You don’t need an elaborate plan, in fact, just being together is enough, as both of you work like clockwork. Your partner understands what makes you happy and is happy to give you what you need.