3 zodiac signs that are LUCK IN LOVE on October 14

We are starting to review the events of the year, we are reviewing the good and the bad of the year.

We do not begin to wonder what the next year will bring.

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It’s around this time of year that people start taking stock of what’s theirs, and that usually ends with us thinking about the state of our love lives.

Today is a special day and there is a lot to be happy about, as it seems that we are in a good place no matter where we are, in terms of love and romance, and why?

Because hope is eternal, and it does an even better job because of transits like Moon trine Venus and Sun trine Moon, which fall on this day.

These transits give us the confidence to look at our love life with open eyes and an open heart; we’re not looking for the negative, and there’s a good chance we won’t find anything negative either, no matter what’s really going on in our lives, right now.

The Sun in trine to the Moon has a special dominion over us, and seems to keep us in a state of exaltation and good spirits; what we have, the love we have in our lives, is ‘good enough’ and because of this transit, we are no longer hungry to find what is wrong with it.

If we have fallen into that place where all we do is look for the negative, we end up suffering, and that is not what the trine Sun has in store for us.

On this day, October 14, we will bring hope and excitement back into our love lives.

The three luckiest zodiac signs in love on October 14, 2022:

1. Libra (September 23 – October 22)

You are lucky on this day, Libra, because you feel like you have finally figured things out when it comes to your love life and everything you expect from it. You have suffered in the past from having expectations that could not be met, and you have berated your partner for not being able to meet those expectations.

Now, you feel a little more open to the idea that this person doesn’t exist on Earth to fulfill your dream, and that’s a good thing. It takes the pressure off you and lets you rest; You’re not in control of this love affair, and as we have the transit of the Sun trine the Moon, you start to accept the idea that it’s just as much fun to be spontaneous.

Today also brings that kind of spontaneity, which is much of what the trine Sun does to the Moon for us. It helps us recognize that all our happiness exists in this moment, and not in a fantasy of the future. Today brings you joy with your person because both have freed themselves from the need to control the other.

2. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

There is not much you can complain about today, Scorpio, as everything in your life seems to be as peaceful as it can be, and what is noticeable is that there is little or no stress in your love life. You may not trust this to last, and it may not necessarily last, but today, during the Sun trine Moon, you will feel clearly at ease.

This lack of stress will make it easier for you to see your partner in a different light, perhaps a brighter, more positive light than you’ve been seeing them lately.

What you forgot about your partner is now once again revealed, causing you to do a double take as you wonder, «Am I that lucky?

How did I get such an amazing partner and where have I been that I haven’t noticed the radiance of this person?

Today gives you ‘new eyes’ and allows you to see this person as someone you want to be with forever.

3. Capricorn (December 22 – January 19)

The kind of luck in love you will experience today is not the kind you would normally expect, and it is the love for yourself and the respect that comes from knowing that, on some level, you are the love of your own life.

People don’t like this idea, for some reason, but they should!

We are the only ones we can trust and we are the only ones who are constantly there for ourselves.

And you, Capricorn, may have a perfectly wonderful relationship with a partner, but nothing is like loving yourself.

You’ll discover this during Sun trine Moon, which is a transit known for shedding light on all that we find good about ourselves.

You deserve to love yourself, since you’ve been through so much. Take advantage of this day to honor yourself, Capricorn. If someone judges you for that, he just doesn’t know you.