3 tips to hide the chubby hip

We’re not going to lie, we all have to deal with this fat guy who shows up when we least expect it, but that means only one thing, we don’t wear the right clothes!

We have to be aware that none of us have the same body, the same metabolism and even less the same curves.

Many of us believe that it will disappear just by going to the gym and fighting it with a diet takes time, but there is an immediate way to hide it and the trick is in our closet.

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Nine times out of 10, the chubby hip shows up because we make fashion mistakes.

Therefore, here we tell you how to hide it:

1. Wear the right underwear

Choose the one with a high cut. In this way, you will avoid being cut in the hip area. It doesn’t have to be a grandmother’s, there are models sexy enough to make you feel safe.

2. Tailored jeans

Now, you need pants that give you the same coverage as your panties. The jeans to the hip only make the chubby stand out. Those with a high waist are the best option.

3. Shaped garments

The key is to balance your body and take advantage of it. Look for clothes that have a defined waist, and thus you will kill two birds with one stone. These garments also help you draw attention away from your hips.

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Taken from AttitudFem