3 signs of the zodiac will have a difficult week from September 19 to 25

We call them ‘necessary evils’ and we all need to attend to this need from time to time. This week brings to light the necessary evils, and well, they have to be addressed.

What is a necessary evil? For example, having to tell someone you want a divorce is one of the big ones. All kinds of clashes are necessary evils; we know we have to do it and we know that anything we do will have consequences, but it’s now or never, so let’s put this aside.

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Necessary evils are not so bad; we may have to touch up our roots or start that exercise plan that we mapped out. If it creates fear and yet we must ‘do it’, then in its own way, it is a necessary evil.

Paying off a large debt is definitely a necessary evil and many of us will have to deal with it this week. Our traffic queue displays resistance, impatience, and absolutely terrible communication skills.

This week brings us Mercury versus Jupiter, which kicks off our week with horrible talk.

As we move through the Moon sextile Uranus, the Moon opposite Pluto, the Moon opposite Saturn, and Mercury in Virgo, we should be well on our way to experiencing fear, disinterest, hostility in familiar situations, and, finally, ‘taking things the wrong way’. ‘

I’ve been there, done that. Let’s put this show on road signs.

Three signs of the zodiac with approximate weekly horoscopes from September 19 to 25, 2022

1. Taurus (April 20 – May 20)

Your necessary evil, this tough week, comes in the form of having to ask for something at work. While you don’t want to be taken advantage of, you’re also hesitant when it comes to stirring things up between you and your boss, but you’ve also realized that if you don’t ask, you don’t get it.

Have you reviewed in your mind this week the conversation you are going to have with your boss, maybe too many times? Now it is obvious that you make the move or sit and cook in your own negativity, while accepting what you no longer wish to accept.

You need a change in the workplace, but more than that, you need the courage to step up and make that change happen. It’s not going to happen if you stay quiet and you know it.

So the harshness of this week comes in the form of you accepting your own cowardice, yet you have the opportunity to turn that into bravery. Take the chance.

2. Scorpio (October 23 – November 21)

There’s something you’ve been putting off and you know that if you actually DO IT, you’ll feel better, but it’s the moving to do it that’s part of your necessary evil; the truth is that you are scared out of your mind to do this and your time is up.

Finally you must do it because you are the only one who suffers by waiting any longer. Sounds like you have to tell someone some bad news. It can only come from you, and time is of the essence.

The pressure you will feel during the week to just say it will be enormous, so much so that you might become hostile trying to avoid it. Do yourself a favor and just do what you have to do. Imagine yourself on the other side of this ‘big’ confrontation.

It can’t last forever, so free yourself as soon as possible. You don’t need to hold on to this overwhelming thought forever, especially since you’re the one suffering from its weight. Just keep going. Find the nerve and continue. Now or never!

3. Pisces (February 19 – March 20)

As we approach Libra season, you feel more and more like you want to start over, and that means you need to get rid of the old to make room for the new. In your case, Pisces, ‘old’ relates to debt and financial responsibility.

You’ve gotten yourself into a place, financially, that shows you haven’t been paying attention. You didn’t think there were consequences, and not because you didn’t know there were, but because you put yourself in a state of denial.

Unfortunately, this week, the denial status is no longer in effect; You need to move on to something and it is more than likely to be about paying off debts.

If you can face it and get rid of it, you will be able to move freely into the future. You don’t need to carry this burden any longer, and you have the means to correct it. So do it. Adjust it well. make him go away Pay your bills.