3 signs of the zodiac that will have a great week, from October 25 to 31, 2021

What we think today has the potential to become the great action of tomorrow.

The Moon trine Mars is just the kind of transit that we have also been needing in our lives, and it will play out as the ability to think quickly and make critical decisions that can affect our future.

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This is a week of understanding and accepting the truth; what we learn will be used as a tool for growth.

nothing is holding us back ‘Cause we feel pretty smart and witty: Our efforts this week, depending on which sign we are, may pave the way for future searches.

Zodiac signs that will have a great week, from October 25 to 31, 2021:

Gemini (May 21 – June 20)

All you needed was that final push into positivity, and it looks like you’ve nailed it this week, Gemini.

Whatever got you in a bad mood last week is about to give you a 360-degree turn.

Good news is on its way to your ears, and once you hear what’s about to happen, you might jump for joy.

If there is a word that will express what you will feel this week, it will be «Finally!» And yes, that’s how it is for you: that long-awaited ‘thing’ you needed is about to be revealed as a reality.

This could very well mean that you are about to get the job you wanted, even though you probably convinced yourself that you didn’t want it.

Perhaps you are experiencing the ‘Give up, take it all’ phenomenon. When we let go, a funny thing happens: the universe gives us what we need and sometimes brings it in abundance.

Be prepared, good things are coming your way.

Sagittarius (November 22 – December 21)

This week may bring you a different element: you don’t usually yearn for a crush, and yet Venus square Neptune may cause you to fantasize too much about a particular person.

Are you super in love with someone, Sagittarius?

What’s interesting about this is that this crush doesn’t have to be someone you know, in fact, it can be a celebrity you have a crush on.

And although that does not seem to fit reality, has it ever been an impediment for you?

Well, no, he never has.

You are someone who loves fantasy: it makes you happy.

You’ll take fantasy over reality any day of the week, which is why this week is going to feel so powerful and fun, because you’re about to fantasize all week long, with that crazy celebrity in mind, all week long. all time.

You may be crazy yourself, Sagittarius, but your mental fantasy is enviable.

Aquarius (January 20 – February 18)

Count on this week to be a week of ambition and drive.

You are one thousand percent determined to do something.

Other people also depend on you for this, but your intentions are not altruistic; you are in this for yourself.

It’s what you need to prove to yourself that you can handle pressure and get things done.

He has failed in the past when it came down to whether or not he believed in himself enough to accomplish a big goal. Your faith wavered and that’s why you ended up ‘sitting out’.

No more.

This week brings you an «all or nothing» type of attitude, which you will harness to achieve success.

You needed this; you needed to know that you can do it, by yourself, by yourself, without needing approval.

You have passed the point where you need someone to believe in you, you have it blocked.

There is no need for someone else’s opinion of who you are.