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Your Dog has pimples on his stomach and you don’t know why

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Dog has pimples on its stomach: 3 possible causes

If your Dog pimples on stomach it can have various causes. We have the 3 most common causes written for you:

1. (Autumn) grass mites

When your dog romps through forests and meadows, he comes into contact with all kinds of crawling animals. We all know that some of them can be really annoying!

autumn grass mites sit in the long grass and jump on your dog as soon as he rampages through it. They suck blood and then fall off the dog again.

Often they are Inner thighs, legs and abdomen marked by the pests with lots of red pustules and pimples, and that itches, so licking leads to more itching and more licking.

A vicious circle you can break!

2. Young dog acne

young dog acne or Young Dog Pyoderma is not uncommon in dogs. Dog breeds such as Bollmastiffs and Dobermans are particularly often affected.

The pimples, pustules, and scabs can be accompanied by hair loss, scaly skin, and itching. With a severe infection, the lymph nodes swell and the general condition deteriorates.

Young dog acne often occurs between the ages of 2 and 3 months and can last until the end of the first year of life (in some cases even longer).

3. Food or contact allergy

Also one food allergy or contact allergy e.g. certain cleaning agents or materials can trigger pimples, pustules and rashes.

Please take your dog to a vet so you can find out what your dog is allergic to. Once you’ve found the culprit, a suitable medication can relieve the symptoms.

What can I do about the pimples?

Puppy pimples in dogs can happen from time to time. It always depends on the cause of the white pimples.

One young dog acne with a mild course you can easily treat it yourself. You should disinfect the affected areas well and then rub them with aloe vera gel or calendula cream.

Also at grass mites a calendula mother tincture can relieve the itching and help the irritated skin to heal. In some cases, however, only cortisone and antibiotics help – please let a veterinarian decide!

When should I go to the vet?

If your Dog pimples on stomach has that visibly itches and bothers him, you should definitely get to the bottom of the exact cause.

If your dog behaves differently than usual, if it seems listless, refuses its food or has a fever, you should definitely consult a veterinarian!

Rash can have many causes.

The skin is also the largest organ in dogs and it is extremely important that it is and remains intact. Left untreated, a rash can spread, causing discomfort and pain to your dog.

Please drive to the vet once too often rather than your dog suffering unnecessarily!

Can I prevent a rash or pimples?

Yes, you can. Of course, it also plays a role here where the rash or pimples come from.

For example, if your dog is allergic to beef, you can switch to a different type of meat.

If it is red pimples caused by grass mites, maybe reconsider your walks in the near future and choose a path with less tall grass.

You can also wash your dog’s stomach, legs and inner thighs with a washcloth after the walk and treat them with calendula, coconut oil or aloe vera gel.

The best prevention is always to inform yourself (as you are doing right now), keep a close eye on your dog and contact a veterinarian if anything is unclear!


If your dog has a few pimples on his stomach, it’s not a drama and it’s not uncommon either!

Many causes, such as young dog acne, grass mites or an allergy can trigger a skin rash. The nasty part is that this rash is often very itchy and your dog’s natural behavior is to lick it.

Unfortunately, this often makes the symptoms worse, which is why it’s important to get to the root of the cause and counteract it right there.

There are many good treatment optionsto get rid of those annoying pimples on the dog’s belly. At best, you can get advice from your trusted vet here!

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