26 Gorgeous Black Dog Breeds (With Pictures & Info)

The black coat should not be the main reason for getting a dog. Still rejoice black dog breeds a great popularity.

Because they look quite «noble» and there are numerous breeds of Large Black Dogs and Small Black Dogs.

Interesting: Did you know that our number 26 of all black dog breeds has a gentle nature?

1. Labrador retrievers

A handsome animal with shiny black fur. In principle, however, the colors blond and chocolate brown are also possible.

Because of friendly character of the dog, this is ideal as a family and companion dog. The animal also likes to spend time in the great outdoors.

Incidentally, the popular dog is also often used as a hunting dog, which is due to the excellent retrieval facilities is due.

2. Groenendael

These are large black dogs with pointy ears. These are sort of the «long-haired» animal version of the well-known Belgian Shepherd Dog.

Due to their temperament, the animals are more suitable for experienced owners. The Groenendal are very much for that faithful and loyal black dogs towards their owner.

3. Newfoundland

Formerly in Newfoundland as «water dog and cargo dog’, the big black dogs are now considered family pets.

Above all, the very lovable and rather gentle character also ensures a pleasant interaction with children. «Gentle giants‘ is probably the correct term for the Newfoundland breed.

4. German Shepherd

Although the vast majority of German shepherds have a different color scheme, black animals also give the strong animals a certain color special optics.

The breed is extremely well known in the DACH region. Furthermore, the typical German shepherd dog is one of the most popular dog breeds and they come often Federal border guard and in police duties for use.

Attention future owners

Unfortunately, German shepherds have an increased potential for the «Degenerative myelopathy’, a neurological disease associated with progressive movement disorders.

5. Scottish Terrier

This animal is one of them little black dogs and stand out with their striking silhouette. Quite short legs and a lively character are other typical features of the dog.

Originally, the Scottish terrier was one of the hunting dogs (low legged) and was accordingly also bred for this purpose. But the visually appealing black dog also feels very comfortable as a member of the family.

6.Australian Kelpie

This rather rare small black dog breed is preferably purchased by owners who dog sport want to operate together with the animal.

The temperament of the animal is of a rather conspicuous nature. Therefore, the Australian Kelpie absolutely needs an owner with experience and the necessary instinct.

7. Mudi

Coming from Hungary, this one belongs black german shepherd variation to medium-sized dogs. Due to the wide range of possible uses as a guard dog and herding dog, owners have to accept the temperament and the «volume (barking)».

That’s what the Mudi is for responsive animal with high intelligence and also families will have their friends with the protector.

8. Schnauzer

There are three variants here. Miniature Schnauzers, Giant Schnauzers and «Normal Schnauzers». Striking is the optics of the dogs.

In addition, the black dogs are suitable as family dogs and also as guard dogs. Because this very territorial and relentlessly defend house and yard.

A lot of maintenance is necessary

In order to maintain the popular look, increased care measures are necessary. The long «beard» and the wiry coat must be constantly styled and trimmed.

9. Poodle

Who does not know the famous poodle? Above all black poodles did it to the owners.

The eye-catching look alone creates eye-catching effects, although of course a lot of care is required. A faithful and gentle animalwho likes to integrate into a family group.

The color is not always preserved

Due to genetics, poodles tend to have a lighter or grayer coat color. Future owners must be aware of this before disappointment occurs later.

10. Flat Coated Retrievers

This big black dogs have a muscular physique and are ideally suited for use as retrievers.

But not only as hunting dog serves this breed, but now more and more as a family – and companion dog. Basically, the animal is a breed from the setter, collie and St. John’s water dog.

11. Schipperke

who rather small and sporty dog ​​breeds with black fur should risk a closer look here. Alert and very alert, the breed hails from Belgium.

Interesting is the look, which is reminiscent of a «miniature version‘ remembered by shepherd dogs. Nevertheless, so far rather a rarity and mainly used as a sports dog.

12. Black Russian Terrier

This became possible through various crossings very strong and heavy animal (50-60 kilograms) bred. At the same time, the breed serves as a working animal and family dog.

Especially the distinctive characteristics as guard dog inspire owners (not only in Russia) with houses and real estate. By the way, the coat is quite long and needs corresponding care.

13. Curly Coated Retrievers

With black curly fur This breed is also one of the black dogs. However, the optics should not be the reason for the purchase.

Hunters will benefit from large and intelligent hunting dogs. Only conditionally suitable for families, because the black dogs are more reserved and independent in nature.

14. Croatian Shepherd Dog

This animal very similar to Hungarian Mudi. In fact, both breeds are closely related and this is reflected in their appearance.

However, the Croatian shepherd dog is a bit stronger and sometimes the ears remain slightly tilted. A beautiful animal with slightly frizzy and black fur for dog lovers.

15. Affenpinscher

Affenpinschers were originally bred to scare off vermin and rats. Today, of course, the situation is different, the Affenpinscher is a loving family dog.

Particularly striking here is the shaggy collar, the rather wiry black fur and the «little child pattern», which distinguishes the «face» of the dog.

16. Puli

Especially the characteristic «felt villi» characterize the distinctive look of the black dog. Originally used as a herding dog, the animal descends from a breed between the Hungarian Mudi and Pumi.

Here, however, future owners must be clearly aware that grooming involves a considerable amount of additional work. For that feels the sensitive animal in good family hands extremely well.

17. Pug

Beautiful to look at, he is delighted little black pugs an increasing popularity. The big googly eyes alone inspire the owners.

Typical of this breed is also the curly tail. In addition, the pug is a real family dog ​​that doesn’t need a lot of exercise.

Difficult to read facial expressions of the dog

Unfortunately, the pug is often overbred. This leads to pronounced wrinkles and eyelids and lips, which «hang down», so to speak. This makes communication through facial expressions with people and other dogs quite difficult.

18 Briard

It’s particularly rich here long fur, which even hangs to the ground. Only owners with enough time should get the big black dog.

Lots of exercise and movement are the cornerstones for a happy life of this breed. Because the animal was originally conceived as a livestock guardian dog. But the Briard’s nature is nonetheless pleasantly gentle.

19. Great Dane

One very impressive breed with black shiny and short fur. So very easy to care for.

Despite the size of the dog, the Great Dane is a loving family dog and faithful companion. A real eye-catcher for prospective owners, the Great Dane is very popular as a companion dog.

20. German Spitz

Same four subraces characterize the black Spitz. In addition to the well-known Pomeranian, potential owners can choose from the Mittelspitz, Kleinspitz and Großspitz.

Through precise breeding, it has been possible to create an almost «lacquered black fur to produce, which clearly sets the little black dog apart from its peers.

21. Hovawart

Unfortunately exists no recommendation for use as a family dog or even a beginner dog. The breed is very strong, robust, alert and large.

In addition, the Hovawart also needs plenty of work. For the Protection of house and yard the animal is almost predestined. Otherwise, the big black dog is very independent in nature.

22. Cocker Spaniel

Are lively and active the essential characteristics of the black cocker spaniel. In the past, owners used the animal as a hunting dog, especially for hunting and driving birds.

Nowadays it is medium sized dog with black fur in good hands in loving families. He enriches this with loyalty, gentleness and children do not particularly burden the animal.

23. Greyhound

Black dog breeds like the greyhound are optical eye-catcher. Here the fur is pleasantly short and shiny, so it is easy to care for.

The black greyhound has one slim silhouette and it’s quite big. However, owners need a lot of time to keep the animal busy. The animal also does not like the longer absence of the owner at all.

24. Bolonka Tswetna

Here it is remarkable that only the Verband für das Deutschen Hundewesen (VDH) officially recognizes this breed. The black dwarf dog is still very popular in this country.

Furthermore, the optics falls with the childish facial expressions on. Good-natured and spirited at the same time, family owners are guaranteed not to get bored with the pretty dog.

25. Cane Corso

Who large, black and powerful dogs likes, finds an Italian guard dog in the Cane Corso. But the large dog breed is also used as a companion animal.

In addition, the fur is easy to care for, deep black and the character traits of the animal also ensure a successful integration into families with children. Even stress hardly bothers the dog.

26. Staffordshire Bull Terriers

In this country, the Staffordshire Bull Terrier ends up on the lists of individual federal states. Basically, the character of a dog is determined by its education and treatment.

The black Bull Terrier from England also has a gentle nature. But he is built very muscular and penetrated. A great black medium sized dog with all sorts of playfulness.