21 Most Beautiful Dog Breeds In The World (+ Pictures)

It is well known that beauty is always in the eye of the beholder. For every dog ​​owner, his own four-legged friend is certainly the most beautiful dog in the world.

But what does «beautiful» mean? A fluffy fur, big saucer eyes, pricked ears, or something completely different?

What breeds compete successfully in dog pageants?

Find out for yourself. Some will surely surprise you.

The 21 most beautiful dog breeds in the world

Who do you personally think is the most beautiful dog in the world? Maybe you’re really into breed number 12, or number 17 is your favorite?

1. Jack Russell Terrier

Small but great! For many dog ​​lovers, the Jack Russel Terrier is one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

The former hunting dogs are currently more popular than ever. They are small, cheeky, pretty to look at and have a funny nature.

With a Jack Russel Terrier life comes into the booth. The bullies have a mind of their own and need a lot of exercise.

2. Chihuahua

Opinions differ on the Chihuahua. For some people, the handbag dog is just embarrassing – for some, the tiny one is one of the most beautiful dogs in the world.

Chihuahuas are becoming increasingly popular. Again and again you meet them on the street or in the park. Female dog owners in particular swear by the little bundles of energy.

This dog breed also has its charm. In particular, the long-haired variant is perceived as beautiful by even the harshest critics.


Unfortunately, this breed is often a torturous breed, which is often associated with suffering and pain for the dogs. Before you get such a dog, you should inform yourself well!

3. Pomeranian

Another little king of beauty is the Pomeranian. The dog breed, also known as the Pomeranian, originally comes from Germany.

The little guy with the funny character is a wonderful house and family dog. The cute charmers are bursting with self-confidence and like to be a bit cheeky.

Children are no problem for the Pomeranian. They are considered very affectionate, affectionate and playful.

4. Miniature Pinscher

Miniature Pinschers are not only beautiful to look at, they are cheeky and brave little slobs too.

The cute dog breed originally comes from Germany. They are the ideal entry-level dogs and can even be kept in a smaller apartment. Nevertheless, of course, they also need enough exercise and activity.

Thanks to their pretty markings, the miniature pinschers are not only one of the most beloved, but also one of the most beautiful breeds of dogs.

5. French Bulldog

Even those who don’t like to exercise in smaller apartments don’t have to do without pretty dogs. The French bulldog is absolutely easy to care for, gets along well with children and is a real feast for the eyes.

French bulldogs are very popular these days. Ascending trend! In particular, their lovable nature and distinctive ears make them one of the most popular family dogs.

It is important to know that this breed of dog, as well as the following one, is unfortunately often a torment breeding acts. Before making a purchase, you should study this topic in detail.

6. Pug

Another very popular and also very beautiful dog breed is the Pug. With his googly eyes he sneaks into the heart of every dog ​​lover.

The adorable dog breed originally comes from China. She is clever, playful and a born lap dog. The pug is also very suitable for families with small children.

Anyone who smiles at a pug, however, has to be prepared for sleepless nights. The dogs can snore very loudly.

7. Beagles

The beagle is also at the top of the podium in beauty pageants. The born hunting dogs are originally from England.

However, the dog breed is not only popular because of its appearance. She has a happy and funny character and also cuts a fine figure as a family dog.

If you smile at a Beagle, you’ll be rewarded with a loyal companion who can be a bit stubborn and willful at times.

8.Australian Shepherd

The Australian Shepherd is repeatedly dubbed the «most beautiful dog in the world». Thanks to their interesting fur coloring, the herding dogs from the USA are also real feasts for the eyes.

The beautiful four-legged friends are among the most popular dog breeds of all. They are trusting, playful and obey every word.

Australia Shepherds make great family dogs, but they do that a lot outlet and Movement require. Dog sport is mandatory!

9. Border Collie

The Border Collie is also an absolute contender for the crown of beauty among dogs. However, the herding dogs from England are not only beautiful, they also have a lot of brains.

The Border Collie is one of the smartest dog breeds ever. However, he never gave up his hunting instinct. Dogs need a lot of exercise and exercise.

The pretty four-legged friends are the perfect companions for sporty dog ​​lovers. They also make wonderful family dogs.

10.Golden Retrievers

Another dog with the stamp «most beautiful dog in the world» is the golden retriever. The pretty animals originally come from Scotland, where they were kept as hunting dogs.

Nowadays, the golden retriever treads rather than rescue or guide dog in appearance.

Thanks to its gentle, clever and playful nature, the “Goldie” is also popular as a family dog held.

11. German shepherd

German shepherds are smart, brave, and beautiful to look at. Because of their inner protective instinct, they are mainly used as police, rescue or therapy dogs.

However, the German shepherd is not only very popular because of its character. Dog lovers and dog owners always find the dog breed to be very beautiful.

The four-legged friends need sufficient exercise and activity. A house with a garden is paradise for them.

However, as with some of the other most beautiful dog breeds in the world, it is also common here torment breeding before.

12. Collie (long hair)

The long-haired collie is an imposing sight. The dog breed originally comes from Scotland, where it was kept as a shepherd and family dog.

The television series «Lassie» helped the collie to world fame. Today, the sociable four-legged friend is a fluffy companion for the whole family. He also gets along very well with children.

If you decide to have a Collie, then you should give him your full attention. The beauties don’t like loneliness at all.

13. Siberian Husky

A true beauty from the north is the Siberian Husky. The workaholics among the dog breeds come from the north of the USA and appeared there mainly as sled dogs.

For all their beauty, owners sometimes forget them activity these animals. Siberian huskies have an incredible urge to move. In addition to exercise and exercise, the huskies should also be used to the full for dog sports or dog training.

14. Weimaraner

Weimaraners have a very handsome silver coat and stately appearance. It is not for nothing that they are among the most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

The dogs not only look good, they can also do something. Weimaraners are primarily used as pointing or hunting dogs.

The pretty four-legged friends originally come from Germany.

Good exercise is very important with this breed.

15. Rottweiler

Big, strong, brave and beautiful – that’s the Rottweiler. The dog breed inspires respect at first sight.

The beautiful dogs can look back on a long history. They were already kept as herding dogs in ancient Rome.

However, the Rottweilers are not without. In some federal states they are even considered list dogs.

With sufficient training and exercise, however, they are peaceful and friendly companions.

16. Doberman

The Doberman is similar to the Rottweiler. This dog breed also has a noble appearance and is rightly one of the most beautiful dog breeds in the world.

Because of their size and slightly dangerous appearance, Dobermans still inspire fear and awe in some people.

Good to know:

This breed of dog is not dangerous. With enough exercise, exercise and training, even Dobermans can become loving companions.

17. Dalmatian

With a Dalmatian on a leash, you’ll draw everyone’s attention. The dotted beauties are very eye-catching and impress with their visual appearance.

The dog breed originally comes from Croatia. In their past, the Dalmatians were first and foremost carriage dogs.

Dogs still have a strong protective instinct. Today they are primarily used as guard or hunting dogs.

However, if you are sporty enough, you will also find a clingy family dog ​​in the Dalmatian.

18. Bernese Mountain Dog

Gentle Giant! Many dog ​​lovers also consider the Bernese Mountain Dog to be “beautiful”. With its imposing size and its attractive coat color they are real eye-catchers.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are born family dogs. The breed is considered to be extremely gentle, cuddly and loyal. They will therefore also be happy as therapy dogs deployed.

So if you’re not afraid of big dogs, you’ll be rewarded with a furry cuddly monster in the Bernese Mountain Dog.

19. Chow Chow

The Chow Chow is a cute cuddly ball from China. Its fluffy coat and distinctive tongue make the dog breed appear very sweet and cute.

However, the Chow Chow can not only score visually. The beautiful dog breed is also at the top with its nature.

The lovable four-legged friends are very people-oriented and affectionate. If you offer your Chow Chow a calm environment and avoid stressful situations, he will be and remain loyal to you.

20. AfgHaniche greyhound

The Afghan Hound, which can only be titled «Afgahne», is truly a sight. The beauties, which belong to the sighthound family, attract everyone’s attention mainly because of their long fur.

AfgHaare remembered. The dogs are very elegant and dignified. In addition, they are sensitive, calm and have a mind of their own.

The pretty dog ​​breed is also suitable as a family dog. If exercised enough, Afghans can be very faithful and loyal.

21. Great Dane

You can’t miss Great Danes. Due to their imposing size of almost 80 cm, they immediately catch the eye.

The dogs themselves are called very noble, majestic and beautiful perceived, but at first glance they sometimes appear dangerous.

But that does not correspond to reality.

The giant among the dog breeds are very affectionate and gentle. If it wasn’t for the size, they would make excellent lap dogs.