2014 India Catalina Awards Winners and Moments

In this version 54 a more inclusive India Catalina was seen. Starting with the central show of the awards that was presented by Andrea Serna and Iván Lalinde, from RCN and Caracol Television, respectively. This was the India Catalina Awards 2014:

1. Best Community Television Production

The first category of the night was taken by Children play, sing and laugh. Tradition of a people – Montes de María Communications Collective. They played local, that was more than obvious. Blooper de Gómez presenting the first prize, believing that none of the winners were in the open enclosure. One of the winners thanked in Palenquera language.

2. Best University Production

The winner was Birds at Risk Lago de Tota – Audiovisual Production Unit, Pedagogical and Technological University of Colombia UPTC and Group G. Surprise of the night, defeating two candidates from Channel 29 of Unicartagena, who thought they had in their pocket

3. Best Social Inclusion Program

Guillermina y Candelario – Fosfenos media won, Señal Colombia, one of Señal Colombia’s strong cards, which had three out of five candidates for the award.

4. Best Public Television Production

The award went to Cali 2013 World Games – Señal Colombia. No, they didn’t get a medal that said «Word Games.»

5. Best Documentary for Television

With an award of 12 million pesos from ANTV, the award went to Diario de un Sueño, which is how we qualified for the 2014 Brazil World Cup – Caracol Television. Patriotic and useless awards and this one. I thought it was shameful to reward a product from a private channel with public resources against non-commercial products.

6. Award for Innovation or Best New Television Format

The statuette went to Tales of Old Men – Hierroanimación, Piaggiodematei and Señal Colombia. I thought he was going to take it to orbit, but here the thing stayed in the same house.

7. Best Children’s Program

India Catalina won The Animal World of Max Rodríguez – Señal Colombia, Paka – Paka, TV Ecuador, Tribu70 ‘and Centro Ático de la Pontificia Universidad Javeriana, beating Vampire Girl, who didn’t even deserve to be nominated, in my opinion. Those of us who watched the gala on Señal Colombia had the opportunity to see a segment of this program prior to the main show, and from what I saw, I think it deserves the award.
Agmeth Scaff and Silvana Gómez presented the following categories, replacing Gómez and Patiño

8. Best Regional or Local Newscast

Within what was foreseeable, Citynoticias – City Tv won. A category more than sung. No one claimed the prize

9. Best News Anchor

Silvia Corzo – Noticias Uno – NTC Televisión – Canal Uno won. Very telling for private channels. Her manager went to claim the prize

10. Best Journalistic and/or Opinion Program

The award went to Pirry Specials – RCN Television. First prize for the channel of the three letters, which aroused some whistles. No one claimed the prize. Stick of the night!

11. Best Documentary Series or Journalistic Chronicle for Television

A bicycle story won – Canal Tr3ce and Negrita Film. No one gave a peso for this award, Señal Colombia had three nominees, and the Institucional was doing a lot of lobbying.

12. Best Comedy Program

The award went to Zootechnics – Señal Colombia and Estudios Animeco. Slapped with a silk glove for expired proposals from private channels.

13. Newcomer Actress or Actor of the Year

India Catalina was taken by Karent Hinestroza – The Selection – Caracol Television. Oh my God, the damn wigs won… wait a minute, I’m going to throw up…

14. Best Contest Program

The award went to the soporific La Voz Colombia – Caracol Television. Gentlemen, I think we are going to suck a third season of this brick. Keep rewarding her and we’ll keep yawning

15. Best Host of Entertainment Programs

The award went to Santiago Rivas – En orbit – Señal Colombia Public Media System. Repeat award for the second consecutive year and that is more than telling. We get rid of the trill reader and the lady who is delirious to have her envelope in her hands. excellent speech

16. Best Entertainment Program

They awarded the Cage of the loc… I mean La Red – Caracol Television. Carlos Vargas went to collect the award. No comment

17. Best Telenovela Photography

They awarded Édgar Gil – Allá I Hope You – RCN Television. Bravo! Finally, the great quality of our rescued from The Dark Years: 2013 was recognized.

18. Best Series Photography

Diego Jiménez and Andrés Gutiérrez – La Promesa – Caracol Televisión and CMO Producciones won. Next, please… Catalina Gómez and Tuto Patiño returned, and so the awards continued:

19. Best Series Art

Ah, what a jug, to see that garbage by Diego Guarnizo and Germán Lizarralde – The Selection – Caracol Television. The hogwash prevails…

20. Best Telenovela Art

The winner was Mónica Marulanda – Allá I Hope You – RCN Television. It’s nice to see rewarding a true work of art misunderstood by the bad taste of the Colombian viewer, addicted to embarrassing wigs and unspeakable bionovelas…

21. Best Reality

Challenge Africa the origin – Caracol Television was the winner in a boring category without real expectations. He won by rating, nothing more. Juan Esteban Sampedro received the award.

22. Best Soundtrack for a Telenovela or Series

Another award for Andrés Peláez – I’ll wait for you there – RCN Television. It is excellent to reward the melancholic but beautiful song of Allá I Hope for You, as opposed to the hackneyed song of the farce of the wigs. Emotional speech, which compared it to poetry. Now do you see why we rescued her in 2013?

23. Best Series Editing

The award went to Gabriel González – Elite Command – RCN Television and Dramax. Nobody expected it… RCN may not take the beating of 2013, but this award was not in the accounts.

24. Best Telenovela Editing

Well-deserved award for Adriana Falla – I’ll wait for you there – RCN Television. A novel mistreated by its own channel, by viewers who preferred GUISADAS from the rival channel. A novel that did what it could in the face of so much contempt.

So far it was the pre-show, with more than half of the categories delivered. In the central show, we saw a lot of presenter dressed as for the enemy (hot weather and wearing black?). Yuri Vargas spoke of his omen with pantyhose, mismatched pairs, cheap copies of Oscars suits. Comedians of the night trying to be funny and dying trying on the red carpet. The main gala begins with Pipe Pelaez with Al natural, together with the Comfenalco orchestra on board.

25. Best National Newscast

Keller Worthan and Andrea Gómez introduced, with huge sound glitches. He won the Noticias Uno – NTC Televisión – Canal Uno award for the umpteenth time. Proposals from private channels seem like they will never win the prize. It must be for a reason… Silvia Corzo claimed the prize.
26. Best Antagonistic Actor in a Telenovela, Series or Miniseries
Mónica Gómez and Ricardo Leguizamo presented the next award, which went to Carlos Serrato – Perfect Lies – Caracol Television, Warner Channel Latin America and Teleamazonas. Eighth award of the night for Caracol, and which he dedicated to José Luis Paniagua.

27. Best Antagonistic Actress in a Telenovela, Series or Miniseries

Cesar Mora and Miss Colombia 2014 presented the category, which was won by Flora Martínez – Alias ​​the Mexican – RCN Television and FOX Telecolombia. Surprising to see her win. Toto Vega, her cast partner, claimed the award in her place. Dedicated to risky journalists in this country.

28. Best Adaptation of a Literary Work or Script for a Telenovela, Series or Miniseries

Karent Hinestroza and Sebastián Martínez presented the unexpected award for Verónica Triana and Fabio Rubiano – Elite Command – RCN Television and Dramax. And I say unexpected, because many believed that the bad rehash of Nip/Tuck was taking him away. With this award, the series 8-8 between the two private channels was temporarily equalized.

At this time of the night, the humorous gag of the alleged «casting of Rafael Orozco, the idol» was embarrassing, unlikely, long and bad. I officially open the #NoMasPelucas campaign.

29. Best Story and Original Telenovela Script

Long-awaited and more than deserved award for Adriana Suarez and Javier Giraldo – I’ll wait for you there – RCN Television. Eileen Moreno and Carolina Gómez presented the award, the latter dressed in animal print. RCN rose to 9 awards at this time, surpassing its rival from La Floresta by one. Alkilados musical show time

30. Best Original Series or Miniseries Story and Script

Adriana Romero and Luis Velasco presented the category, amid obvious sound failures. The winner was César Betancur, Juan Andrés Granados and Perla Ramírez – La Selección- Caracol Televisión. Prize with which the damn farce of the wigs equaled 9 statuettes for each channel. They announced that from April they would pack us the second season.

31. Best Supporting Actor in a Telenovela or Series

Julieth Restrepo and Carlos Serrato gave the statuette, undeserved in my opinion, to the perennial Christian Tappan – The Promise – Caracol Television and CMO Productions. Armed robbery for Benjumea, whose role as Nazario in Allá I Hope for you deserved it more. Caracol thus rose to 10 prizes against 9 of his patio rival. Time to pass other cats singing reggaetton to, supposedly, hide the disgust at such a lousy decision. What did the FICCI smoke there?

32. Best Series Director

Brian Moreno and Laura de León (dressed as for a fifteen-year-old) presented this category, whose winners were Luis Alberto Restrepo and Ricardo Coral – The Selection – Caracol Television. With this, those from La Floresta added their eleventh (and predictable) award of the night. cliche speech.

At this time of the night, tribute and Víctor Nieto award for a lifetime to Judy Henríquez, with images of her unforgettable characters, with well-deserved words from colleagues, family and friends of hers in her years of profession carried out with talent, professionalism and height . Standing ovation in the Plaza de la Aduana. Her emotional speech, where the late Bernardo Romero Pereiro was remembered. I even cried. After him, they gave way again to Pipe Pelaez for another musical number. Why in all fucking Colombian awards there has to be a vallenatero by default?

We resume the transmission, after a change of costumes for the main presenters, with an emotional tribute to Fernando González Pacheco, in the voices of Juan Manuel Santos himself, Alejandra Borrero, Fabiola Posada, María Isabel Urrutia, Vicky Dávila, Carlos Vives, Jota Mario Valencia Daniel Samper Pizano. One of his nephews received the special mention from Alejandra Borrero on behalf of FICCI. They also mentioned the recent departure of Celmira Luzardo.

33. Best Supporting Actress in a Telenovela or Series

Rolando Tarajano and Nicole Santamaría presented this award, which went to Valentina Rendón – I’ll wait for you there – RCN Television. Deserved triumph of the heartbreaking character of…