20 Surprisingly Low Grooming Dog Breeds (With Pictures)

Are you looking for a four-legged companion, but have never had a dog?

If you get a dog, you should be aware of your responsibilities. Every dog ​​needs to be occupied, fed and cared for.

Some breeds have lower demands when it comes to activity and exercise, are easier to train or can get by with simple grooming.

It is clear that this does not relieve you of your responsibility, you will definitely find your favorite of the easy-care dog breeds in this article.

1. French Bulldog

Although the name of this breed sounds very powerful at first, it is French bulldog an ideal one beginner dog.

The dwarf dog was specially designed for that living in apartments and for the attitude as domestic dog bred.


Because the French bulldog is so popular, demand often exceeds supply.

Here you should inform yourself in advance about the seriousness of the breeder or the origin of the dog, as these often come from torture breeding.

2. Miniature Pinscher

The Miniature Pinscher bears a great resemblance to doberman. Except that the midget is about five times smaller than the Doberman.

Despite its small size, the Miniature Pinscher requires relatively a lot of exercise. The approximately four-kilo dogs shed very little and are easy to train. However, they tend to bark loudly.

3. Basset Hound

The one from England Basset Hound the figure has one dachshunds and very long ears.

With around 220 million olfactory receptors, this four-legged friend has one of the best scents of all hunting dogs. His long ears also serve as a sniffing aid by waving smells up his nose with his ears.

The short-legged dog is very gentle and patient. The friendly four-legged friend gets along well with other dogs and is well suited for first-time owners.

4. Havanese

Havanese were bred in Cuba and serve primarily as lap and apartment dog.

He needs little outlet and hardly barks. However, the playful dog needs a lot of attention. He can’t stand loneliness at all.

He gets along very well with children and strange dogs.

5. Greyhound

Although originating from England and belonging to the sighthounds greyhound Being one of the fastest dog breeds in the world, he is relative easy-care.

Running is his passion. When he’s not traveling at 70 km/h, he loves to chill and sleeps up to 18 hours a day.

6. Boston Terriers

The boston terrier can be trained very well, has one weak hunting instinct and hardly barks.

Its origin is the USA. With his extremely friendly nature, he is one of the most popular dog breeds in the world.

It is an ideal play partner for children.

However, the «American Gentleman» is sometimes a bit «unlike» anatomically. He tends to have regular and uncomfortable flatulence.

7. Beagles

The one from England tracker dog owns one of the best dog noses in the world.

The friendly and curious Beagles are extremely unsuitable as guard dogs.

The Beagle sheds little and is well trainable. If there is too much food and too little exercise, he quickly tends to become overweight.

Beagles are very musical. They can make more than 20 different sounds.

8. Pug

The pug is considered very easy-care and was specifically called lap dog bred.

The playful four-legged friend from China develops a close bond with children, which makes him a popular family dog.

He needs little exercise and barks little.

Danger – Important NOTE!

The pug breed is often a torture breed. This is associated with great suffering and pain for the animals. So before you decide on such a pet, you should inform yourself well!

9. Newfoundland

This patient and large four-legged friends comes from Canada and weighs up to 80 kilograms. It grows up to 71 centimeters tall.

He is considered easy-carebecause he well trainable and is also suitable for beginners. However, it requires a lot of space and is no apartment dog.

Grooming also turns out to be intensive. You can easily fill several pillows with the combed hair.

10. Griffon Bruxellois

As very easy-care and very alert applies the Griffon Bruxellois. However, he has one strong hunting instinct and tends to bark.

Also, he is very curious and impatient. Because he is very picky about food, he is often referred to as a «selfish».

Nevertheless, he is easy to train and gets along well with children or other pets. He is usually rather skeptical and suspicious of strangers.

11. Italian Greyhound

What sounds like a dream catcher is actually a breed of dog. In fact, that belongs Italian greyhound to the smallest greyhound breeds.

The sensitive and outgoing small greyhound is one of the slowest of its representatives with a maximum speed of 40 km/h.

The wind chime is rather shy and likes to hide behind his master. He also needs a lot of attention and care.

12. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The one bred in England lap dog is considered easy to care for and easy to train.

He sheds relatively little and is particularly suitable for families with children.

He forms a close bond even with other pets. This extroverted dog does not like loneliness at all.

Danger – Important NOTE!

This breed is often a torture breed. This is associated with great suffering and pain for the animals. So before you decide on such a pet, you should inform yourself well!

13. Yorkshire Terriers

The one from England Yorkshire terriers was bred to serve as the English nobility lap dog to serve while catching and keeping away rats and mice.

The “yorkie» very confident, intelligent and willing to learn. Unlike other lap dogs, they are very lively and require sufficient exercise and mental challenges.

14. Chihuahua

The Mexican representative among the easy-care dogs is dedicated and vigilant simultaneously.

The dainty dogs, which weigh no more than three kilograms, are not only easily vulnerable, they are also often victims of birds of prey due to their size.

Danger – Important NOTE!

Chihuahuas belong to the so-called teacup breeds. The record is a height of 9.5 centimeters.

Such records can usually only be achieved through torture breeding.

15. Jack Russell Terrier

The English Jack Russel terrier was initially for the fox hunting bred and has a very strong hunting instinct.

Today he is a favorite family dog. He is very friendly towards children and likes to play.

However, the curious dogs tend to run away and like to bark.

16. Chinese Crested Dog

The also under the curious name “puff» acquaintance crested dog from China was originally used as a pied piper.

As a hairless dog, the likeable four-legged friend repeatedly falls victim to torture, which is associated with a lot of suffering and pain for the animals.

Nevertheless, they are considered to be easy to care for, but you should not leave the house with them in cold weather without a coat.

17. German boxer

German boxers are sturdy and loyal dogs with a playful nature.

As a family dog ​​he is protective, patient and loving.He loves children more than anything and abhors loneliness.

The boxer sometimes tends to be stubborn and is a real late bloomer in his intellectual growth. Three-year-old dogs often behave like puppies.

18. Dachshund

Clever and curious, friendly and lovable. That’s how it works dachshund probably best describe.

The four-legged friend was originally bred in Germany for hunting small game, so he has one accordingly strong hunting instinct.

In addition, the short-legged dogs like to bark. However, they can be trained well and are also well suited to being kept in an apartment.

Due to their popularity, dachshunds also like to attract attention through torture breeding. So when purchasing, pay attention to the breeder and / or the origin of the animal.

19. Maltese

For the Romans, that was the case Maltese sacred because of its pure white fur.

The cuddly and sweet little dog became pure with no chores lap dog bred.

Nevertheless, he allows himself very much train well and accomplishes real feats with little effort.

A New York billionaire has thanked his Maltese for his company by bequeathing him a whopping $12 million. That should be enough for a round of treats for all New York dogs.

20. Whippet

The one from England whippet belongs to the genus of greyhounds and reaches speeds of up to 56 km/h.

The gentle and trusting dog is good for beginners.

He needs relative little outletbut has one strong hunting instinctwhich one must first wean him off.

If there is enough exercise, nothing speaks against keeping it in an apartment. However, a large garden or wide meadows would be an advantage.