20 Stunning Rottweiler Mix Breeds (With Pictures & Info)

The Rottweiler is one of those most popular dogs ever and is Police and family dog simultaneously.

Behind the intimidating physique plugs in affectionate friend of children and people.

Her diversity is also the reason why they often crossed with other breeds become. There are Rottweiler crossbreeds all kinds.

Ever seen a fluffy Rottie? Number 18 will surprise you!

1. The Labrottie – Labrador Rottweiler Mix

The Labradors and Rottweilers mixing is sugar for the eyes!

That is appearance varies of this crossbreed strong, but usually dominates physique of the Rottweiler and the Labrador head and face shape.

The Labrottie is a obedient and active dogthe a lot of movement needs. He is a good swimmer and Hunter and can, after adequate trainingas rescue or therapy dog be used.

2. The Shottie – German Shepherd Rottweiler Mix

The «Shottie», or «Shepweiler», is one Mix of German Shepherd and Rottweiler. Because both dogs big and strong are, so is the mix imposing appearance.

This dog is both protective as well as suspicious and therefore must be trained as a puppy.

are shotties faithful companions and capable watchdogs.

3. The Bernese Sennen Rottweiler Mix

This Rottweiler crossbreeds are loyal, obedient and good-natured.

Her calm way makes them good family dogsyours People and you Protect home proudly.

grooming is here, however, a daily affair, because this dog is shedding especially during that coat change especially strong! So he has to brushed regularly become.

4. The Rottermann – Rottweiler Doberman Mix

Since here both Rottweiler and Doberman come to light, the Rottermann is one of the most massive Rottweiler mixed breed species.

This dog is a ideal guard and protection dogwho due to his partly stubborn essence trained early must become.

Did he remember his Family used, he is a very friendly and playful dogwho likes despite his size lapdog plays…

5. The Pug Rottweiler Mix

A «Pugweiler» usually has them Pug body shapebut the Rottweiler coat color.

early training is a must to get the partial Challenging behavior to restrict. As part of their Family however they are friendly and affectionate.

Attention torment breeding:

boobs will be for one racial appearance often with one extra flat snout bred. However, this can severe breathing problems guide and prepare the dog great suffering. Inform you before the purchase always about the History of dog and breeder!

6. The Golden Retriever Rottweiler Mix

Thanks for getting together with the Golden retriever this is one of the most family-friendly mixed breeds.

Originally this species was called hunting dog for waterfowl bred, because she is not just one good swimmerbut also alert, smart and athletic.

Good to know:

Golden Retriever-Retriever mixes are affectionate and don’t like being alone.

7. The Akita Rottweiler Mix

Since both dog breeds have a great physique have is also the Akita Rottweiler mix a big and strong dog.

you need early a rigorous trainingto them to get used to other people and dogs. Provocative behavior should be prevented.

Receives the mongrel sufficient exercise and will treated appropriatelyhe is a loyal and lively companion dog.

8th. The Mastino Rottweiler Mix

As Descendant of two massive dog breeds is the Mastino Rottweiler Mix no lightweight. With up to 70 kilos he often looks very nice intimidating.

He is not a beginner dogbecause the stubborn has a strong will and protective instinct. He only tolerates other dogs reluctantly.

Despite the robust body and character, the mixed breed is a clumsy dog ​​that makes lots of laughs!

9. The Pit Bull Rottweiler Mix

Because of both parents this mongrel is on the «attack dog list». owner and dog therefore have to prove that they are from good character are and even after training there is muzzle obligation.

This breed is a very friendly and good-natured Dog.

He is his master faithful and is carefully when playing with children.

10. The Chihuahua Rottweiler mix

Two like that different dog breeds can only thanks to the artificial insemination to be crossed.

The Chihuahua and Rottweiler mix is mostly something larger than the Chihuahua and can either do that Typical Rottweiler coat pattern or different colors have.

It is difficult to predict the personality of this dog. They are usually obedient and loyal with a cheeky temperament.

11. The Husky Rottweiler mix

Huskies are mostly for her Wolf-like appearance popular. Therefore, this mix is ​​also one of the most popular Rottweiler mixed breed species.

Husky Rottweilers are active and suit an athletic owner.

Although this dog quite big is he can about 13 years to become old. They are good watchdogs and have no problem with cold.

12. The Dalmatian Rottweiler Mix

The Dalmatian Rottweiler mix is a active dogwho it loves to run and with his playing favorite people.

How many of the Rottweiler crossbreedsthey are happy family dogs and talented guard and hunting dogs.

About 30% of all Dalmatians come deaf to the world. This can also carry over to crossbreeding with the Rottweiler.

13. The Jackweiler – Rottweiler Jack Russel Mix

One Mixture of Jack Russel and Rottweiler is energetic and cheekybut fond of children and cuddly simultaneously. They are good dogs for active families.

The appearance of this dog varies greatly and the anatomy may resemble both the Jack Russel and the Rottweiler.

The color stays mostly black-brown and often has typical pattern of the Rottweiler.

14. The Rottie Poo – Rottweiler Poodle Mix

The Rottie Poo is one Poodle and Rottweiler mix. This dog is a ideal family dogwho also with other animals gets by.

Rottles mostly have the Rottweiler coat pattern, but can be either curly or straight.

This is a intelligent dogwho both physically and mentally stimulated wants to become. movement and adventure with the favorite people make him happy.

15. The Dachshund Rottweiler Mix

This «Rotten Viennese“ was first used as a dog for the Hunting Badgers bred, but is also a today popular family dog.

They are bold and lively and love it too play and dig.

Attention torment breeding:

Unfortunately, it often happens with dachshunds torment breedingthat on extra short legs aims. With hybrids like that Dachshund Rottweiler can this fatal be, because the massive body of the Rottweiler can of little dachshund legs hardly be worn. This is painful for the animal and expensive for the master. Inform you before the purchase always good about that health of the dog and the breeder!

16. The Boxweiler – Rottweiler Boxer Mix

Many face the Boxer Rottweiler mix as an aggressive dog. Yet he is one more amiable and trusting companion.

They are tall and muscular and can either rather the boxer or the rottweiler resemble The exact look is like many of the Rottweiler mixed breed speciesdifficult to predict.

They are very sociable and stay don’t like to be alone for long.

17. The Australian Shepherd Rottweiler mix

The originally as farm and herding dog bred Australian Shepherd Rottweiler hybrid is a active dogthe a lot of exercise needs.

Although appearance may vary, the Physique often the Australian and the Coat color of the Rottweiler.

When bored, this dog breed tends to bark loudly and continuously.

18. The Shih Tzu Rottweiler mix

When mixing out Shih Tzu and rottweiler come two very different dogs together.

The physique and the coat are mostly similar to the Shih Tzu, the color and the pattern are reminiscent of the Rottweiler.

This dog is cheeky and stubborn. For small apartments he is probably a little too crankyin one big garden he can, however, undisturbed energy burn.

19.The Rottgi – Rottweiler Corgi Mix

The Rottgi is one Mixture of Rottweiler and Corgi. This dog is a happy companion and family dog.

Usually he sits down physique of the corgi through, the attachment and the protective instinct come however from the Rottweiler.

Rottgis are very independent dogs and do not like to be bossed around.

20. The Schnottie – Giant Schnauzer Rottweiler Mix

Both the Giant Schnauzer as well as the rottweiler come from Germany. This native mongrel is a good one dog for the whole family.

Schnotties are lively and always keep their owners on the go. You are as well great watchdogs.

The mustache shows up well at this crossbreed and the coat should regularly maintained become.