20 Ideal Dog Breeds for Beginners and Apartment (+ Pictures)

Choosing one suitable dog breed for beginners should be well thought out. Also if you are looking for a dog that gets along well with the living in an apartment copes, you should pay attention to the different needs of the respective dog breed!

It’s great that you’re informing yourself, because not every dog ​​is a beginner’s dog and not every dog ​​is an apartment dog – that much is already clear!

In this article we introduce you 20 dog breeds for beginners and apartment before.

Maybe you already have the right breed of dog for you?

Overview of dog breeds for beginners and apartment

In the table below you can get a quick overview of which dog breeds you can expect in this article.

dog breedbeginner dog?apartment dog?EloYesYesGolden RetrieverYesNoLabrador RetrieverYesPartially Pug / Retro PugYesYesHavaneseYesYesMalteseYesYesPoodleYesPartiallyBichon FriséYesYesWhippetYesGrey ChinchillaYesYesCavalier King Charles SpanielYesYesFrench BulldogYesYesBernese Mountain DogYesNoBoxerYesNoPapillonYesYesYorkshire TerrierYesYesYorkshire TerrierYesYesLeonbergerYesNoPomeranianYesYesKromfohrländerYesPart wiseAustralian ShepherdYesNo

1. Elo

On 1st place in the beginner dogs today we present you the rather unknown one Elo before. This dog breed is considered to be particularly fond of children, gentle, friendly, calm, loyal and easy to train.

The Elo is a medium-sized dog that comes in two varieties: 35-45 centimeters and 46-60 centimeters.

An Elo can sport both rough and gray fur of many color variations.

The Elo is also well suited as a city and apartment dog. Of course he still needs exercise and loves going on trips with his family.

2.Golden Retrievers

The Golden Retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds for beginners.

His personality is as cute as his looks. The Golden Retriever is known to be friendly, reliable, and cheerful.

Nevertheless, a Goldie also knows exactly who he is and has a proud and self-confident character! He is always easy to handle and comes for dog novice definitely in question.

Keeping this medium to large dog indoors is not recommended. The Goldie prefers to live in a house with a garden.

3. Labrador retrievers

The undisputed favorite of all dog breeds is the Labrador Retriever.

The friendly retriever does have a hunting instinct, but it is easy to keep it under control.

With a Labrador you are well advised as a dog beginner!

His cheerful nature and a playful, sociable and balanced nature make him an ideal family and companion dog.

The Labbi is happy about the house and garden, and with enough mental and physical workload (e.g. through agility, dog frisbee or dog dancing) can also cope with life in the apartment.

4. Pug / Retro Pug

The charming pug is a popular dog for beginners.

He is funny, playful, friendly, clever and docile. Nevertheless, the pug is also known for being stubborn.

Unfortunately, this small dog breed is the torment breeding Fell victim. If you’re interested in a pug, maybe the healthier retro pug could also be an option for you?

The retro pug is a hybrid of an old German pug and a Parson Russell Terrier, Pinscher, Patterdale Terrier or Beagle.

Both are dogs for a small apartment. The steadfast pug usually gets along well with city life.

5. Havanese

Thanks to his affectionate, gentle and cheerful nature, he is small Havanese an ideal dog for beginners.

He just reaches a shoulder height of 22 – 27 centimeters with a weight of 4 – 7 kilograms.

The Havanese is a dog breed for both novice and apartment owners.

6. Maltese

It’s a bit smaller than the Havanese Maltese. The white cotton ball is a dog for a small apartment, but would also want to live in a castle with you.

Maltese are considered cheerful, good-natured, sweet and playful – the ideal dog for beginners!

7. Poodle

poodle there are many variants. From Toy Poodle above miniature poodle and miniature poodle up to standard or king poodle.

They are all very intelligent dogs that like to be challenged mentally and physically. The active dog is good for beginnerswho want to do a lot with their dog.

The Toy, Miniature and Miniature Poodles are good as apartment dog suitable. A king poodle can also be kept in the apartment if it otherwise has enough workload. However, he prefers a kingdom with a garden.

8. Bichon Frisee

As a novice dog, you can hardly go wrong with the Bichon Frisée.

This small dog breed is known to be easy-going, friendly, playful, and spirited. A really funny one Family and apartment dog.

Grooming the Bichon Frisée requires regular visits to the groomer or your own clippers at home.

9. Whippet

The short haired one whippet is a beginner’s dog of a different kind. At least when you compare it to the dog breeds for beginners and flats that we have introduced to you so far.

The athletic greyhound loves speed, but also the cozy couch at home.

Contrary to what you might have guessed, a whippet is a very good choice as an apartment dog!

(By the way, there’s also a long-haired version of the whippet, the Silken Windsprite! He’s also an excellent beginner and apartment dog.)

Important to know:

All dogs need exercise and most are happy about varied activities with their people. Even a greyhound with a great urge to move can be kept in an apartment if it is sufficiently busy!

10. Italian Greyhound

It’s quite a bit smaller than the Whippet Italian greyhound. The mini dog reaches a maximum height of 33 – 38 centimeters with a flyweight of 3.6 – 5 kilograms!

The delicate contemporary is considered affectionate, intelligent, agile and comradely. Above all, his upbringing requires loving care.

The small wind chime is suitable for beginners as well as for keeping in the apartment!

11. Cavalier King Charles Spaniel

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is (like retro pug and pug) the healthy variant of the King Charles Spaniel. With the slightly larger Cavalier, emphasis was once again placed on the dog having a longer muzzle and thus being able to breathe more freely – woohoo!

His character is affectionate, sociable, patient and loving.

The Cavalier King Charles Spaniel is an easygoing first dog and can live well in a city apartment.

12. French Bulldog

In the French bulldog it is again a fashion dog, which unfortunately is often completely overbred.

This causes many Frenchies to have breathing problems. The physique also often leads to hip or elbow dysplasia.

The Frenchie also often has skin problems and a sensitive stomach.

Otherwise, he is the perfect beginner dog and can live great in an apartment.

If you want to adopt a Frenchie, please inform yourself very carefully so that you don’t support torture breeding!

13. Bernese Mountain Dog

You have a house, a colorful house, a monkey and a horse? Then only that is missing Bernese Mountain Dog. He would love to lie in your driveway for hours and reliably let you know when you have visitors!

The friendly family, house and farm dog is adaptable, frugal, robust, friendly and relaxed.

If you are a dog beginner looking for a large first dog, you could hit the bull’s eye with the lovely Bernese Mountain Dog!

14. Boxers

In the mood for action? The German boxers is a very active and funny dog. He likes to be teased, but he teases you too!

With this spirited breed, it is advisable to go to a dog school right from the start and get the boxer busy with agility, dog frisbee or another dog sport.

The sociable dog likes to be everywhere!

He can get along with living in an apartment but would rather have a garden to romp in to his heart’s content.

15. Papillon

The Papillon or Continental Toy Spaniel is ideal for family life in the city.

He saves nerves and space, is considered easy to train, lively and funny.

The cute Papillon is an excellent beginner dog!

16. Yorkshire Terriers

Are you looking for a dog for a small apartment? The mini terrier reaches a maximum height of 18 – 23 centimeters and weighs around 3 kilograms.

A Yorkie is good with that Living in a city apartment get along.

His character is courageous and self-confident, brave and fearless, independent and intelligent. Still can first time dog owner get along with him very well.

17. Leonberger

Although the Leonberger With a height of up to 80 centimeters and a weight of up to 65 kilograms, it is one of the largest and heaviest dog breeds in the world, we can confidently place it among the beginner dogs list.

He is gentle and good-natured, easy-going and adaptable.

The Leonberger is not suitable for living in an apartment. As the first dog in the house with a garden, he is only suitable for ambitious dog beginners.

18. Pomeranian

The Pomeranian or Pomeranian is a good choice as a dog for a small apartment with its maximum of 3 kilograms.

Despite its miniature size, the Pomeranian has great self-confidence. They also require a little more grooming than other dog breeds.

The Pomeranian is alert, affectionate, intelligent and cheerful.

The funny dwarf is well suited as a beginner’s dog.

19. Kromfohrlander

The Kromfohrländer is one of the lesser-known dog breeds, but is an officially recognized German dog breed by the FCI!

The medium-sized, tough boy is considered adaptable, uncomplicated, spirited, docile and easy to train.

Due to its fiery temperament, living in an apartment can quickly become boring for the Kromfohrländer. However, if the workload is sufficient, he can definitely come to terms with it!

This beginner’s dog is suitable for sporty, active first-time dog owners.

20.Australian Shepherd

The beautiful Australian Shepherd is considered affectionate, friendly and intelligent. He is a bright dog who enjoys working with his human.

As a herding dog, he has a strong protective instinct! If you are a novice dog, you should take a close look at it again to understand what to expect!

The Aussie needs activity and plenty of exercise. There are dog breeds that are much better suited to living in an apartment. As a beginner you can handle it quite well.