20 Beautiful & Popular German Shepherd Types (+ Pictures)

The German Shepherd is one of the most popular dog breeds of all.

There are countless German shepherd species worldwide that are used for a wide variety of tasks thanks to their loyal, attentive and intelligent nature.

The shepherd dog is ideal as a guard, service or protection dog – but it has also established itself as a loyal family dog.

Fun Fact: Dog breed #20’s name may have come from mispronouncing the name. Crazy, right?

1. German Shepherd

When you think of shepherd dogs, you definitely think of the German shepherd dog. The breed is not only the most popular type of German shepherd, it is also one of the most sought-after dog breeds in general.

The German shepherd is versatile. He cuts a fine figure as a police, guard or rescue dog.

If you smile at a German shepherd, you will get an intelligent and loyal companion. But there are also disadvantages. The family dogs must leave hair everywhere.

2.Australian Shepherd

There are German shepherds in the land of opportunity too. The Australian Shepherd is an active sheepdog species native to the United States.

The Australian Shepherd is the sports cannon among the shepherd dogs. The clever four-legged friends need a lot of exercise and exercise. A small city apartment is not the right environment for the beautiful animals.

The fluffy bundles of energy are not only 1A family dogs, they are also preferably trained as guide, therapy or rescue dogs. However, they cannot stay alone for long.

3. Dutch Shepherd

The Dutch shepherd is a type of shepherd dog from the Netherlands. The four-legged friends had the honorable task of protecting house and yard. The Dutch shepherd dog was particularly popular with farmers.

With the disappearance of farms, so did the Dutch shepherd dog. However, he reappeared a short time later in a new role.

The dog breed is considered very peaceful, friendly and loyal. They have taken the hearts of the population by storm and are among the best family dogs of all.

4. Icelandic Shepherd Dog

Exactly one breed of dog is native to Iceland. This is, of all things, a kind of shepherd dog. The Icelandic shepherd dog is a medium-sized shepherd dog, which could guard all herd animals.

Icelandic Shepherds are real bundles of energy. They need a lot of exercise and exercise.

The four-legged friends are born family dogs. They are loving, people-oriented and also get along very well with children. However, their soft fur requires daily grooming.

5. Collie (long hair)

The Rough Collie is also a shepherd dog. In his native Scotland he was mainly kept as a livestock guardian dog.

Collies are among the most popular dog breeds of all. The dogs are loyal, loving and have a strong protective instinct.

Due to its affectionate nature, the collie has long since mastered the transition from livestock guardian dog to family dog.

6. Berger Blanc Suisse

The Berger Blanc Suisse are descended from the German shepherd dog. They have a distinctive white coat color and were primarily used as guard dogs.

Like the majority of German Shepherds, the Berger Blanc Suisse is not a stay-at-home dog. The breed needs a lot of exercise and exercise.

However, if you, as the owner, regularly walk and train your German Shepherd, you have one of the most loyal comrades of all by your side. Berger Blanc Suisse are very affectionate and hardly leave their master’s side.

7. Welsh Corgi

Visually, the Welsh Corgi actually has nothing in common with a German shepherd. Nevertheless, the cute comrades are among the herding dogs.

workaholic! Welsh Corgis are born working dogs. The Queen’s favorite dogs need a lot of exercise and need constant attention.

There is more to this popular dog breed than just a guard and herding dog. They make wonderful family dogs, but do require dog training from an early age.

8. Border Collie

The Border Collies are the cuddly cheeks among the shepherd dogs. The active shepherd type is considered the best herding and working dog ever. Farmers in particular benefit from this dog breed.

The Border Collie has lost none of its sporting spirit over the years. The bundles of energy regularly compete successfully.

So if you’re not afraid to get some exercise, then a Border Collie is the dog breed for you. The animals are very cuddly, loyal and will follow you wherever you go.

9. Shetland Sheepdog

The Shetland Sheepdog, alternatively known as the Shelti, originally comes from the northern regions of the United Kingdom. There they were primarily kept as herding dogs.

Due to their lovable nature, the Sheltis have started a triumphal procession around the world. The dog breed is considered to be very intelligent and is now mainly used as a family dog.

Even Sheltis shouldn’t be wasted in a small 2-room apartment. They need enough space, exercise and exercise. Then they are happy!

10. Anatolian Shepherd Dog

The Anatolian shepherd dog is a type of shepherd dog that has been around for many years. The breed originally comes from Turkey.

In their past, the dogs had the honorable task of protecting livestock from danger. The Anatolian Shepherd Dogs were used with preference on farms in particular.

Even today, these shepherd dogs have lost none of their guard instinct. They still protect house and yard. However, the pretty animals have a mind of their own. Some dog experience is an advantage.

11. Belgian Shepherd Dog

The Belgian Shepherd is a medium-sized breed of Shepherd, which was also known as the Continental Shepherd in its past. The breed originally comes from the Belgian Alps.

Dogs will not be happy if they don’t exercise. The jocks need a lot of exercise. Even dog lovers without dog experience could be overwhelmed with the German Shepherd’s energy.

Police officers swear by the Belgian Shepherd Dog. Thanks to his good nose, he can easily sniff out bombs or contraband.

12. Great Pyrenees

As the name suggests, the Pyrenean Mountain Dog comes from the Pyrenees. The shepherd type is very large and has a fluffy white coat.

These dogs are not lap dogs. They require a great deal of training and socialization. Since the big stubborn ones have a mind of their own, this is not always easy.

However, if you bring some canine experience with you, you will be rewarded with a lovable and affectionate companion.

13. Bouvier de Flandres

The Bouvier de Flandres is a sheepdog breed from France. Farmers in particular benefit from this curly all-rounder.

These shepherd dogs are downright workaholics. They can be used very well as guard or herding dogs.

The dog breed needs an experienced hand. She is considered very independent and dominant. Early education and socialization is the be-all and end-all.

14. Basque Sheepdog

Another popular breed of sheepdog is the Basque Shepherd Dog. The dog breed originally comes from northern Spain, where it primarily appeared as a guard, shepherd or house dog.

To this day, the dogs have retained their protective instincts. The four-legged friends are very peaceful, intelligent and people-related. However, they do require a lot of exercise and exercise.

In a city apartment, a Basque Shepherd Dog will not feel comfortable.

15. Bobtail

Now, at first glance, the Bobtail doesn’t look like a German Shepherd. Nevertheless, the English breed is one of the most popular types of sheepdogs.

The Wuschels with the striking hairstyle are 1A herding dogs.

The Bobtail also cuts a fine figure as a family dog. The dogs are very peaceful, friendly and affectionate. They get along well with children and require less exercise than other German Shepherds.

16. Caucasian Ovcharka

There are many myths about the exact homeland of the Caucasian Ovcharkas. The only thing that is certain is that the shepherd dog species is very common in Eastern Europe.

The giants can do much more than herd sheep. They were also used as a guard dog.

The Caucasian Shepherd Dog is a guard dog through and through. The breed is considered courageous, brave and fearless. They defy every danger and put all burglars to flight.

17. Bohemian Shepherd Dog

The Bohemian Shepherd Dog is more than just a shepherd dog. The German shepherd breed not only guards the herd, it also guards the house and yard. This breed of dog was also used to monitor the borders.

Like almost all shepherd dogs, this four-legged friend is very sporty and active.

If you don’t have a problem with a little exercise, you can get a child-loving family dog ​​with the Bohemian Shepherd Dog.

18. Bearded Collie

The Bearded Collie, or just «Beardie» is originally from Scotland.

The shaggy bears among the shepherd dog species can look back on a long history. They appeared as early as the first century BC and were used as herding and cattle dogs.

The dog breed is known and loved across borders because of its lovable and intelligent nature.

19.Australian Kelpie

The Australian Kelpie is also known as the «Farmer Dog». The dog breed, which belongs to the shepherd dogs, can be found on many farms as a guard or shepherd dog.

The Kelpie is a real all-rounder. He is considered to be extremely peaceful, friendly and clever. A wonderful family dog ​​that even dog lovers without dog experience can have fun with.

The dog breed must always be the center of attention and wants to be permanently busy. They don’t like a few hours without a master or mistress.

20. Koolie

The exact origin of the Koolie’s name is unclear. However, it is speculated that it stems from a mispronunciation of «Collie» by German immigrants in South Australia, resulting in «Coolie».

Another type of shepherd dog from Australia is the Koolie. Although the dog breed appears on the small side, they can even handle horse herding.

Koolies are very smart. They are inquisitive and can be trained very well.

The lovable little fellows are also ideal as family dogs. Even people with no dog experience get along wonderfully with them.