19 Stunning Mixed Breed Species (With Pictures)

The friendly and hardworking dogs from the polar regions are also among the most popular dog breeds in Germany.

As a pronounced pack animal, a husky should not be kept alone. The solution to this is a Husky crossbreed.

Today we will show you what options are available to you here and you will be surprised by the variety and you will probably spontaneously fall in love with the number 18.

1. Husky shepherd mix

This husky mix of German shepherd and Siberian husky combines the best of both breeds.

He can also be found under the designation «Shepsky», which says a lot about his personality and qualities.


You have to reckon with a weight class of up to 40 kg. Mini apartments are not suitable for these dogs.

2. White German Shepherd Husky Mix

This husky mix’s pure white coat makes for a Nordic exterior. A downright sensational dog for you.

His breed characteristics are similar in character to those of the Husky Shepherd mix and he is therefore suitable for families with small children.

Contrary to your first guess, he got his white coat from a white German shepherd!

3. Husky Malinois mix

Known as “Belusky” is this husky mix the ideal companion for everyone outdoors fans.

He is not only 64 cm high. His energy level and willingness to perform are also above the classic level of dogs.

A notice:

If you are looking for a friend for adventures in the great outdoors, you will discover the vastness of the world with him.

4. Labrador husky mix

He won’t be a sled dog, but its external features are nevertheless reminiscent of the original Nordic breed.

The black puppies present themselves as playful and active extremely good companions for sporty families develop.

With a stick size of up to 67 cm and a weight of up to 45 kg, you get a fairly large portion of dog here.

5. Husky bulldog mix

This husky mix is ​​with his exuberant energy the ideal dog for dealing with equally energetic children.

Above all, the Husky Bulldog can also do this kept well alone and be a good travel companion due to its smaller size.

A notice:

Due to the different parents, his thick coat can have the most diverse structures.

6. Corgi Husky Mix

A «Horgi» or «Corgsky» convinces with his innocent look.

With his lovable kind he encourages even those who are reluctant to exercise to take long walks or extensive hours of play.


Unfortunately, this breed of dog is very prone to back problems and obesity if not provided with enough activity!

7. Doberman Husky Mix

A loyal and watchful friend you get with a Doberman Husky Mix.

Since both breeds of dogs as familyfriendly apply, the courageous and protective qualities are particularly effective in him.

The combination with the husky’s more open, friendly traits makes this husky mix all the more desirable.

8th. Husky dachshund mix

We’ve been seeing them since Janitor Krause’s Dachshund Club lovable animals with different eyes.

The «Huskel», as the husky crossbreed with dachshund is also called, is one of the more demanding dog breeds in leadership.

The lovable nature of the husky unites with the dachshund in a size that also suitable for city apartments is.

9. Boxer husky mix

With a «Boxky». large family enjoy for a long time. The docile watchdog is suitable as a watchdog for small, two-legged bundles of energy.

Its impressive height of up to 89 cm does not speak against its friendly nature.

The slim companion also likes long trips into nature.

10 Poodle Husky Mix

To the cute exterior Nobody can resist a “Huskydoodle”, as this Husky Mix is ​​also called.

He regularly performs magic for you and your family a smile on your face with his good humor and affection!


If it is not sufficiently utilized, boredom can lead to destructive behavior!

11. Husky Dalmatian mix

He may even have 101 black dots on his white fur, the floppy-eared four-legged friend with the gentle gaze.

Smart and loving he is an excellent family dog, provided he has a little free space to help with digging the garden, for example.

A notice:

If you value well-tended flower beds, you may not want to hire him as a garden helper after all!

12. Weimaraner Husky Mix

The extreme attractive Weimaraner in mating with the Husky is also called «Weimarsky» and is very popular in the English-speaking world.

With a height of up to 69 cm and a weight of 32 kg, he can hardly be overlooked when he playful and happy greeted his family.

13. Chihuahua Husky crossbreed

For a chihuahua, this husky mix is ​​almost capable an impressive 7 kg weight weigh and a height of 38 cm to reach.

A perfect pairing of Husky intelligence and the cheerful, cheeky nature of the Chihuahua you put yourself with this bundle of energy.


If the husky share dominates, the classic women’s handbag is not enough as a means of transport!

14 Bernese Mountain Dog Husky crossbreed

Known for her child-friendly nature and not only in the Alpine region family dog popular is the Bernese Mountain Dog.

In a mix with the husky comes the openness and intelligence the four-legged friend from the Arctic Circle added even more strength.

Fans of large yet snuggly dog ​​breeds will enjoy this!

15 Wolfspitz Husky Mix

The funny Fur ball on four legs can himself very calm present.

A husky’s energy level is somewhat dampened by the mix with the Wolfspitz, but his friendly beings this only benefits!


The patient, docile Husky Mix needs a good deal of grooming!

16 Husky pit bull mix

This husky mix is nothing for coach potatoes!

The pit bull’s short stature distracts from his joy of movement away. He wants to get out and get busy.

If treated appropriately, he is loyal to his family and shows this in his eyes!

17 Australian Shepherd Husky Mix

His protective instinct is proverbialeven if he likes to take the lead when running through the forest.

Be The urge to move and his joy in nature makes him perfect companion for hiking, trekking or cycling tours!


When packing your backpack, remember not only treats but also your fur brush!

18 Golden retriever husky crossbreed

The Like the husky, the golden retriever is one of the most popular dog breeds our time!

What could be more obvious than getting a husky mix with a golden retriever? The engaging beings is topped by his gorgeous exterior!

A notice:

Activity is a must with this breed. Outdoor enthusiasts are just as enthusiastic about it as families.

19 Irish Wolfhound Husky Mix

Be impressive, rather wild appearance can’t be over playful being hide.

With this energetic giants you can also go on extended tours in muddy weather.

A notice:

Child and dog could certainly hold competitions to see who splashes in the rain puddle first!