19 moments in which Lady Di was a «fashion icon»

Today we remember a woman that many of us admire for her power, humility and her character, Diana the Princess of Wales, who proved to be one of the most representative fashion icons of her time.

A woman who, in addition to her beauty, showed simplicity, both in her personality and in her way of dressing; That is why here we are going to share some important moments of her life.

On her wedding day, Diana wore a dress made of ivory silk decorated with lace, hand-embroidered details, sequins, and 10,000 embroidered pearls.

In 1980 she met Prince Charles of England, they started dating and a few months later they announced their engagement to marry a year later. They had two sons: William and Harry.

In September 1984, Lady Di gave birth to her second son, Prince Harry.

The princess was daring and liked to try new things in her looks.

In 1996 she divorced the Prince of Wales.

Another of her great picks was this turban hat designed by Philip Somerville that she wore on a trip to Dubai.

Even with a more relaxed look, Diana knew how to add a touch of coolness.

Everything she did became a trend, like wearing two watches at the same time.

In 1986 Diana wore this look fit for a queen, a white dress with gold embroidery during an event at the German embassy.

In color or monochrome, she always knew how to look spectacular.

At the MET gala in 1996, the princess wore this dress, one of John Galliano’s first creations for Dior.

Diana was 20 years old when this photo was taken, her gaze was as tender as that of girls her own age.

She will be remembered for her style and the shape of her suits, distinguished for all times.

The shape, color, and beauty are not only from that time, today we have seen in a large number of dresses the models that she wore in the 80s.

Designer Catherine Walker was an enduring favorite of Diana’s.

In 1995, at the premiere of Haunting in London, Diana chose this simple round neck dress.

The best color to wear to an event organized on behalf of the Red Cross is to wear red.

During a dinner at the White House, Diana danced with actor John Travolta. The dress she wore that night, designed by Victor Edelstein, became known as the «Travolta dress.»

Diana wore this daring dress, known as «the dress of revenge» after the premiere of a documentary about the king’s infidelities.

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