16 Impressive Schutzhund Breeds (With Pictures & Info)

Schutzhunds are often colloquially referred to as guard dogs. A protection dog must be able to do much more than a guard dog.

While a guard dog only raises an alarm when there is imminent danger, a protection dog is specially trained to patrol and attack on command.

We have put together the best and most proven protection dog breeds for you.

Ever heard of the Thai Ridgeback (No. 15)? This one almost knocked my socks off during the research…

1. Rottweiler

The one from Germany rottweiler is super intelligent and is one of the strongest dogs in the world.

The brave, fearless and loyal Four-legged friend is the perfect one Shepherd guard and police dog. Just a real one protection dog.

The Rottweiler needed a lot of exercise. Since he tends to snore a lot, it is best for him to have his own room in the house.

2. Malinois

Real universal miracles are the Belgian ones Malinois. Primary as German shepherd bred, they give fine Police and military dogs and of course protection dogs away.

In addition, they are also real family dogs. However, they should have enough exercise and be mentally challenged.

The Malinois really thrives as a jogging partner or companion on bike tours.

3. Doberman

Who doesn’t know the two «boys» Zeus and Apollo, who keep getting the Magnum actor Tom Selleck into strange and embarrassing situations.

In fact it is doberman an excellent one protection dog.

Good to know:

While we mainly know the Doberman with pointy ears, cropping the ears is now forbidden in Germany. That’s why the big black dog with the brown fur segments is appearing more and more with its innate floppy ears.

4. German Shepherd

Originally the German sheepdog bred as a work dog. He is very versatile.

In addition to his services at the police and the Military he is also a popular one Protective guard and rescue dog. He is also at home in many families and a loyal companion.


The demand for German Shepherd Dogs is very high. In order to satisfy these, many of these animals come from torture breeding.

Before you decide on a German shepherd, you should get an accurate picture of its origin and the seriousness of the breeder.

5. Bullmastiff

As a film star, the native of England achieved Bullmastiff fame as the protection dog of Rocky actor Sylvester Stallone.

This very distinct and independent race must be socialized early. You are then very trusting and also suitable for families with children.

The strong four-legged friends used to be trained to detain thieves without injuring them. They have a very high pain tolerance of their own.

6. Hollandse Herdershond

The one from the Netherlands Hollandse Herdershond was originally kept mainly on farms.

Since he very willing to learn and well trainable is, he was becoming more and more often than protection dog deployed.

They are very good with children and other dogs friendly. That’s why they’re good as well family dogs suitable.

7. Great Dane

For the animated series «Scooby Doo» served the German Mastiff as a rolemodel. But this four-legged friend is much more than “just” a movie star.

He is an excellent one protection dog and became original to hunt bred for large game, although by nature he has only a moderate hunting instinct.

Great Danes need a lot a lot of exercise and are rather no apartment dogs.

Unfortunately, these amazing dogs only live to be 8 to 10 years old.

8. Cane Corso Italiano

The one from Italy Cane Corso loves to pass through its owner obedience to make happy.

Although by nature he rather reserved is, it is very suitable as protection dog.

Originally used to protect against predators and thieves, the Cane Corso is becoming more and more popular family dog.

9. German boxer

German boxers are very by nature patient, loving and devoted Animals.

But with the right training, they are also excellent guard and protection dogs.

10. Dogo Canario

The Dogo Canario is considered a symbol of the Canary Islands and is therefore also shown on many Canary stamps.

It is also considered a status symbol for dubious owners and is very expensive to buy.

The Dogo has a very high bite force, is very dominant and hardly tolerates strangers or other dogs.

This dog is by no means suitable for beginners or tenants of small apartments.

11. Boerboel

The one from South Africa Boerboel was originally considered guard dog and to hunt bred to leopards.

the great strong and muscular dogs are often used as protection dogs and are among the so-called list dogs in this country.

This breed almost died out during the Second World War and is still very rare today, especially since keeping it was banned in some countries such as Denmark or Russia.

12. Shar Pei

In 1973, the originating from China was considered Shar Pei almost extinct with only around 60 living specimens.

Even today it is by nature very trusting and loving Dog relatively rare to find.

Despite his good-natured This breed is not very suitable for inexperienced owners.

The Shar-Pei’s folds serve to protect against bite wounds from its opponents in its capacity as a guard dog.

13.Louisiana Catahoula Leopard Dog

This breed has a wide variety of coat colors and often a dem Dalmatian similar pattern.

The Leopard Dog is more towards other dogs and strangers intolerant and aggressive. Nevertheless, this one gives protection dog with consistent education also a great one family dog away.

He needs a lot of exercise and is an excellent running partner.

14. Tervueren

The Tervueren belongs to the group of Belgian Shepherd Dogs and was named after the Belgian municipality “Tervueren”.

In addition to his work as protection dog he often finds it as Drug sniffer dog, police and military dog Use.

Since he is very oriented towards his people, he is also good as a beginner dog suitable. However, he needs a lot of attention.

Although he’s a rather low hunting instinct he likes to imitate joggers, cyclists and moving cars.

15. Thai Ridgeback

The intelligent and robust Thai Ridgeback is next to one protection dog also an absolute loving family dog. Nevertheless, he needs consistent training by dog-experienced people and a lot of exercise.

He impresses with his muscular, wiry appearance and his coat color is red, black, blue or fawn.

The Thai Ridgeback is considered intelligent, willing to work, and very skilled, making it a suitable working and protection dog.

He likes to use his intelligence and skill to escape and explore the world. Hardly a fence can withstand him.

16. Caucasian Ovcharka

This breed has a diverse heritage. The protection dog was originally bred in Georgia, Armenia, Azerbaijan and Dagestan.

The four-legged friends are true colossuses and can weigh up to 100 kilograms. Although they weigh a lot by nature, they also tend to be overweight.

The Ridgeback belongs in experienced hands. He is so stubborn that even experienced dog trainers reach their limits.