15 situations to regret when you are old

It’s never too late to regret what you did or didn’t do, it’s best to do it early and not wait until you’re ready.

That is why we share this list of things that many old people regret and that today serve as advice, to take note and start to change, thanks Vuntú.

1.- Staying in a bad relationship

Love is to be happy, not to suffer or allow yourself to be hurt, nor to try to change a person if they don’t want to, or if you hurt them with your insistence. Take advantage of your time in life and enjoy a full love. To stay in a relationship that no longer works is to let misery live in your heart, not because of others but by your own choice.

2.- Do not quit the job you hate

We understand that we all need money to live, to cover expenses and enjoy some comforts, but do not waste your life on something you hate. If out of necessity you are forced to accept something that does not meet your expectations, try to make it temporary. Prepare yourself, invest in yourself and go for what you really want, from starting a new business to aspiring to a new position. Anything is possible when you give your best effort.

3.- Not realizing how attractive you are

Many spend their lives complaining about the extra kilos, the shape of their nose or some part of their body, and forget that they are special exactly like that. Acknowledge how handsome/pretty you are! You don’t need to get carried away by what the media imposes; what matters is your decision and that way your loved ones will love you, free yourself from stereotypes.

4.- Being afraid of expressing your feelings

To show love, to deny yourself something, to cry when necessary… Don’t keep anything to yourself! Take care not to hurt others, but give yourself your place, respect yourself and value yourself so that others do too. Make your voice heard.

5.- Give importance to what they say about you

Are you what they really say? Has their advice helped you change your life and be happier? They do not define who you are or what you feel, and first of all you must be you. With the passage of time you will forget all that, and you will only have the feeling that it was better to go your way than listen to their criticism. You don’t need the words of others to shine, you have your own light.

6.- Support other people’s dreams instead of your own

There is nothing wrong with helping others – in fact it feels amazing – but for it to be possible you need to be at your best. Therefore, you cannot get involved with someone if you have forgotten about yourself. Fight for everything you want to achieve and then you will have a lot to give to those around you.

7.- Keep resentments and grudges

This will only cause wear and suffering, as it prevents you from closing the wounds that someone caused you intentionally or unintentionally. In general, these people continue with their lives and you are the one who is stuck in the past, something that will definitely not let you advance to better times. Free yourself from the chains of the past and enjoy your life to the fullest.

8.- Work too much

We all want to stand out in our jobs, have a better position and, of course, a higher salary, but at what cost? When that affects your health and your relationship with your loved ones, it stops being good for you. Of course, there will be times when a little more effort is necessary, but try not to make them permanent so that you maintain a balance of what really matters in your life.

9.- Not appreciating the good times

As we mentioned at the beginning, many times we insist on living certain experiences too quickly, and when time passes we have some regrets or wish we had done things differently. Take your time, enjoy the moments when you are happy, savor every moment and store them in your memory as a treasure.

10.- Not finishing what you start

This will only leave you with a “If I had…” feeling. Enough! Do your best to meet your goals and you will feel that you can achieve anything; start with small challenges and then increase the intensity. Even your loved ones will change their concept of you, and you will be remembered as someone who always keeps what he promises.

11.- Not letting your loved ones live their life

If you are one of those who live by giving advice, criticizing what others do and trying to make them «do things right», the only thing you will achieve is that they are unhappy; they must live their own experiences, since they know what their heart really desires. Advice is welcome from time to time, but you are not the one to “fix their lives” or tell them what to do. Don’t waste time on other people’s lives, take care of yours and lead by example.

12.- Do not take risks

What you want is «around fear», and it is better to regret what you did than what you did not do. Overcome your fears and try everything you want, so you will enjoy life as it should be, without anyone telling you, living your own experiences.

13.- Worry too much

As a famous phrase says: “If it has a solution, why worry about it? And if there is no solution, why do you worry? Stop wasting time, do whatever it takes to deal with any situation, and continue on your way.

14.- Not spending more time with your loved ones

Time does not pass in vain, it does not wait, and surely you will think that you should have made better use of your moments with them. Organize your time and make them your priority, because nothing will mark your life like the smile of a loved one and the support of friends in difficult times, sharing an achievement with your parents after a lot of effort, and the moment you held the hand of your children for the first time. Those things are the ones that fill your life and motivate you to be better, don’t let them go unnoticed.

15.- Not being grateful

Nothing will make you appreciate the blessings that surround you, like thanking everything you have, the opportunities that come into your life, the people around you, the good and the bad too. Thinking every day about the things you are grateful for will make you a happier person, because you will focus on the good things in your days.

Taken from Vuntu