13 Signs You’re A Power Couple (That Everyone Else Is Jealous Of)

Sure, they may not be as rich and famous as Ben and Jen, but they may share some of the same traits it takes to be a power couple!

be a power couple It’s not just about good looks, wealth and career success. It’s about having a mindset teammatea mindset of «us» instead of «me«, which allows you create a solid foundation.

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Urban Dictionary defines Power Couples as:

«A relationship between two people who are just as cool as each other. They are so amazing and funny individually and when they are together. Neither of them depends on the other for their feelings of self worth– They know in their hearts that they are just as valuable to the world as each other…Together they are the epitome of what anyone would want in a relationship.”

In these cases, the quote from Aristotle: «The whole is greater than the sum of its parts», rings true. We all have our weaknesses and vulnerabilities, but in a relationship of power coupleyou feel you can tackle anything that life brings you.

A power couple is when two confident people that they realize their valuecome together to dominate life.

a power couple recognizes the strengths and weaknesses of the otherrespect the independence of the other and balance this with a dependency and interdependence healthy of the other.

Being called a power couple is not a static tag. The couple earns this title practicing healthy behaviors and being a exceptional partner every day. power couples they are not lazy in love.

Here are 13 signs that you and your partner are a power couple:

1. You feel like your best self in the relationship.

In past relationships, you may have felt insecure, needy, jealous, or sad, but this relationship Gets the best of you. You feel confident, safe and secure.

2. You kill your goals.

Brain science shows that couples who have strong relationships They are more creative and productive. They like explore and play more.

When you feel supported and encouraged by your partner, it allows you to go out and crush your life goals, take on new projects, and try new hobbies.

3. You focus on the things you love about your partner.

Have you ever wondered why some couples still seem madly in love after years of being together?

The researchers put long-term, happily married couples into a brain scanner and found that these couples showed activity in three brain regions: empathy, control of their own emotions and positive illusionswhich is the capacity of overlook what you don’t like about your partner and hyperfocus in what you love

Power couples don’t spend too much time looking at what’s bothering them because they can see the big picture of what is important.

When you need to talk about what’s wrong, you find it easy to sit down for an intentional conversation, trusting your partner to actively listen, try to understand your perspective, and validate your emotional experiences.

4. They prioritize each other every day.

Power couples are usually busy couples as they are successful in many areas of life. However, they have mastered mutual prioritization, no matter how busy their schedule is.

That’s because they realize the value of being present and giving each other undivided attention, even if it’s just for twenty minutes on the busiest of days. This allows you to stay connected and continue to build emotional intimacy on a daily basis. They don’t take each other for granted

5. You really feel grateful to have your partner.

Power couples build their relationship on a foundation of gratitude, as grateful couples are happy couples.

Research shows that couples who practice gratitude and express appreciation feel more connected, loving, and satisfied in their relationships. They also feel more comfortable expressing their concerns and seeing their partners as more valued, supportive and responsive.

6. They support each other in their individual activities.

As individuals, they are both rock stars, but sometimes this means that only one person can shine at a time. In some relationships, this could lead to significant conflict and resentment, but they have figured out how to compromise and take turns supporting each other.

It’s okay to give your partner the spotlight and put your own goals or career on the back burner at times, and of course, your actions are recognized and appreciated by your partner.

Ultimately, they make decisions together, taking into account the thoughts and feelings of both partners.

7. You are healthy.

Both members of a power couple take responsibility for meeting their own physiological needs. You can be a much better partner when you’re not tired, cranky, and hungry all the time!

Since power couples have stable relationships, science shows that these happy couples live longer and have healthier lifestyleswith lower rates of heart disease, diabetes, depression and stress. They also enjoy a more satisfying sex life.

8. Your relationship is drama-free.

All couples face challenges, but most of the time, the relationship goes smoothly.

He knows how to effectively repair the damage after a disagreement and how to increase both emotional and physical intimacy when feeling disconnected.

9. Your exercise together.

You know that exercise helps you control your weight, sleep better, increases your body confidence and energy levels, and decreases anxiety and depression. But research has also found that couples who sweat together, stay together!

Couples who engage in physical challenges together feel more loving and satisfied in their relationships.

When you exercise together, you prioritize time with your partner. They are also more likely to encourage and praise each other and work together toward goals, which creates a supportive environment.

Plus, exercise releases dopamine, which de-stresses and makes you feel happy, and it feels great to be around a happy, positive partner.

10. You speak the love language of others.

Power couples know exactly how to make each other feel loved and adored. They communicate effectively by speaking each other’s love languages, allowing each partner to connect deeply by receiving love in the most meaningful way.

Whether it’s through physical contact, acts of service, gifts, words of affirmation, or quality time, you’re in it.

11. They are best friends.

A power couple’s relationship is much deeper than a physical spark. They can feel just as connected and satisfied laughing together on the couch in sweatpants as they feel hot and heavy in the bedroom.

Being best friends means you turn to each other first whenever there’s big news to share, deeply value and respect each other’s opinion, and set healthy boundaries around your relationship so no one else can penetrate your status. of best friend.

Basically, you are two peas in a pod.

12. They support each other.

Being part of a power couple, you know your partner so well that you can easily step in for help in any awkward social situation without having to ask.

You know exactly what to say when your partner is down. Your advice seems to make everything better.

They build each other up instead of putting each other down. It’s not just a united front, it’s a united front.

13. You can talk about anything.

There are no off-limits topics, not even behavior in the bathroom, seriously.

Being so comfortable and close, where you feel safe to talk about the silly, embarrassing, vulnerable, and scary things without judgment, brings two people together and creates an unbreakable bond.

So if you identify with the 13 items above, congratulations my friend, you are part of a power couple!

However, you don’t need me or any article to tell you that. You already know that you are part of an amazing relationship, and it is obvious to those around you!