11 celebrities with messed up teeth

Despite their enormous fortunes, these celebrities decided to leave their teeth as they naturally are: in disarray!

Let’s do a theoretical exercise. Suppose that we human beings become extinct, but our bodies are preserved for some reason; now let us think that a later intelligence arrives (a species evolves and develops a culture or aliens arrive) and investigate the human remains, what would you find? Perfect teeth!


But this number of perfect dentures would not be natural, but prostheses, replacements, boxes… It is that our century, more specifically our decade, is obsessed with perfect and white teeth. So it is strange that these celebrities that we present below have decided to leave them naturaldespite having the money to get smile designs.

Top celebrities with messed up teeth OMG!

  • british actor Hugh grant they are crooked and stained
  • A smile is not bought, not even in the world of politics! Or not Hillary Clinton?
  • Comedian Will Ferrell
  • The actress Anna Pakinfamous for starring in the HBO series TrueBlood
  • ¡drew Barrymore! Yes, those at the top are unequal, and those at the bottom have a lot of fun!
  • The actor Woody Harrelsonfamous thanks to Killers by nature
  • Singer and actress Vanessa Paradis, ex-wife of Johnny Depp

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