10 Proofs That Men’s Clothes Look Better On Women

One of the dreams of every woman has been fulfilled, our closet grew without having to buy anything. Now we can use the clothes of our partner or friends in a very creative way. Impossible not to get excited!

Have you ever worn men’s clothes to go out, like your brother’s, boyfriend’s or friend’s clothes? It may sound weird but it has become more and more common. Open your mind and improvise:

1. You can start with something simple, using a men’s t-shirt as a dress.

2. Raise the level of sophistication.

Put on a t-shirt, take one of the sleeves, stop it at the neckline, do the same with the other sleeve and voila!

3. Or change it entirely.

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4. Change the T-shirt for a shirt and accompany it with flashy accessories and a short skirt.

5. Using the shirt to create layers in your look.

6. Or create a t-shirt, starting from the shirt, following these steps

Let it be something like this:

7. There are no limits to your creativity.

8. Assemble a strapless dress in a two by three.

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9. Or make a skirt out of nothing.

10. You already know that you can wear his jeans and look completely cool..

Taken from BuzzFeed