10 phrases a man uses to get you into bed

These are the most recurrent phrases that men use so that we somehow end up in bed with them and that is that we still believe that women’s liberation can do anything, but the truth is that there are ways to deceive us and we believe it.

The newspaper El Universal of Mexico, for example, ensures that one of the most common searches on sites like Google is precisely that which leads to finding «phrases to take a woman to bed.» In fact, when someone who is unemployed (or in need) does it online, several lists appear, from which we take up some ideas so that you can evaluate whether they work or not:

1. You make me lose my mind. Sound like a familiar phrase? Well, it is one of the most used, despite the absurdity that is heard when it is pronounced out loud and out of the ‘heat’ of the moment. If they tell you, think twice because surely ‘that head’ has been lost many times.

2. We go to a quiet place where nobody bothers us. The phrase is literal and not lying at all, as well as a clear sign that he is about to take a step that has been previously planned. So don’t be surprised if when you get to that «alone and secluded» place (read the back seat of the car or a motel room) sex is the motivation for such a romantic phrase.

3. With you I discovered a side of me that I didn’t know. And surely that side he is about to reveal is that of an accomplished seducer who is capable of ‘picking up’ another person at the tip of a cheap cart.

4. Nothing will happen that you do not want. Well, obviously she wants it too, otherwise they wouldn’t have agreed to go with you to an isolated place or they wouldn’t have gone through the kissing phase without hesitation. Don’t be so slimy!

5. Every day I have fantasies about you. Translation: I got it into my head a while ago that I have to have something with you and I’m not going to rest until I achieve it.

6. My girlfriend is very conservative and I am very ‘open-minded’. Again we need to do a translation because what that person meant is that his girlfriend has no idea that he is telling stories to you to try to have a good time.

7. If you sleep with me, I leave my wife (girlfriend). This is perhaps one of the biggest lies that a man can tell a woman and incredibly a lie that many fall for, even knowing that it will not happen.

8. You have the most beautiful feet I have ever seen. To say that is to have no imagination or arguments. The most curious thing is that there are many women who believe that this is a clear sign of love. Will it be possible?

9. With a woman like you, I would never be unfaithful. Really? And she is telling him precisely at the moment before she becomes one again.

10. I am falling in love with you. Really? If you believed that story of a guy who is trying to convince you to go with him to have a good time, then there is nothing more to say.

What is the phrase with which they have made you fall?

Taken from Pulse