10 hottest bikinis of the famous Colombians

These famous Colombian women left us speechless when they decided to share their best bikini photos with us… These are the 10 HOTEST bikinis!

Many women do not overlook the opportunity to publish their photos when they are on a beach or near a pool and if you plan to do the same, we will inspire you with some celebrities who have worn spectacular bikinis.

The bikini is undoubtedly one of the hottest items of all time, so we have decided to make a top 10 of the famous Colombians who have worn it on their social networksWHICH IS YOUR FAVORITE?

top of the 10 hottest bikinis

top 10 Margaret Rose of Francis show off a perfectly toned body in this cute bikini…

Top 9. Hate her or tolerate her, we could not leave out the always controversial Hope Gomez

Top 8. Although we have crucified Sarah Corrales Because of her affair with a committed man, we can’t deny that she knows how to look good in a bikini…

top 7 We will never get bored of the bikinis of Vaneza Pelaez

top 6 Natalie Paris It will always have a place in any bikini top, it is guaranteed!

top 5 The beautiful could not be left out of this list Daniela Ospina

top 4 How about the abdomen of Catherine Aristizabal? So it’s worth wearing a bikini…

Top 3. Jessica Cediel He has a spectacular body, which he wears with pride…

top 2 Poor dear Ariadne Gutierrez! Born to “second”, in this top she took second place…

Top 1. Paulina Vega Without a doubt, she takes first place in this hot bikini count, she was Miss Universe for a reason!

Do you agree with the order we chose or would you change it? Propose your own top! Or write us if we missed one…

also vibrates with: Vaneza Peláez in a bikini with sleeves… How?

Which of all the bikinis that we show you is the HOTEST? Write in the comments of this note which famous Colombian takes the top prize to the bikini

How does Marbella look in a bikini? #VibraEnLasMornings @EseTonito @soydavidrc @maxmilfort @MariaTBarreto https://t.co/HLtmGJqdxd pic.twitter.com/3roCcp4RRA

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