10 Colombian characters who gave something to talk about in Vibra 2020

Another year that passes and this was not the exception for some Colombian characters to give something to talk about, even more than the pandemic.

This year there were all kinds of singers, models, actresses, actors, influencers and even soccer players who stood out in the world of national entertainment. And not in all cases it was because of negative issues, some of them wrinkled our hearts!

Top 10 Colombian characters who gave “lora”

1. J Balvin and Shakira

The paisa made fun of Shakira after learning about their collaboration on the album recently released by the band Black Eyed Peas.

The woman from Barranquilla responded to this ridicule by posting 4 of her classic videos on her YouTube channel, showing that He has been in the music industry for more years than J Balvin.

2. Sebastian Martinez and Kathy Saenz

Sebastián Martínez and Kathy Saenz make up one of the longest lasting couples and pretty from the Colombian show business. On Kathy’s birthday, Sebastián dedicated a beautiful message to him on Instagram where he showed her in a bikini and we also fell in love.

3. Jessi Uribe and Sandra Barrios

After what Jessi Uribe and Paola Jara released their song The conquestSandra Barrios, Jessi’s ex-wife, launched a tremendous hint in their networks.

Hint answered by Jessi with the tremendous house he bought for his children in a luxurious area Bucaramanga.

4. Camilo Echeverry and Ricardo Montaner

Shortly after getting married Evaluate with CamiloRicardo Montaner did not overcome this situation, so he called Camilo as a «thief» on social networks.

He is a thief, who has stolen everything from me”

Chorus of the song by José Luis Perales “And how is he”.

5. Shakira and Alejandro Sanz

For years there has been talk of a possible romance between the Colombian and the Spanish and in 2020 a video came to light that exposed them.

6. Lina Tejeiro and Raul Gasca

The actress had to put in her place to the owner of the Gasca Brothers Circus after he put an emoticon on his Instagram profile.

7. Elianis Garrido and Oscar Naranjo

Oscar Naranjo turned on his fan and told what really happened with the actress in the program Protagonists of Our TV 2012. One of Elianis’s set partners in I know everything he rebuked her so she couldn’t take the pressure and left the program thrown and «live».

8. Fredy Guarin and Sara Corrales

The soccer player was in evidence when he gave him «I like it» to a sensual photo of the actress; the Sara’s followers were the ones who «threw him into the water».

9. Paulina Vega and Maia

In a program broadcast To Another Levelthe host Paulina Vega had a moment of tension with the singer Maia. After everything that was generated in social networks Maia told what had really happened in that episode of the show.


10. Yina Calderon and Natalia Paris

The paisa model sympathized with Yina, who has had a very difficult situation in this 2020 and his beautiful comment aroused the admiration of locals and strangers.

Which celebrity do you think was left out of this list and why?